Sunsetting WHMCS Module & APS Add-on


This sunset notice only impacts those familiar with WHMCS or APS.

Duda’s WHMCS module and APS Add-on provides a path for hosting companies, ISVs, Web Agencies, and Domain Registrars to sell Duda websites to their clients, with the billing being done by WHMCS or APS. These integrations are built on top of the Duda API and enabled a quick integration of Duda into the WHMCS or Odin/APS platforms.

Duda will be sunsetting our in-house built WHMCS/APS modules and after Jan 1st, 2021 Duda will no longer provide support, security patches, updates, or bug fixes to the modules/add-ons. This decision is based on a lack of interest from customers combined with the inflexibility of the integration options offered by WHMCS. Duda prefers to have our clients build directly on our API rather than be limited by WHMCS or APS.

Duda does not expect the modules to stop functioning, as they are built on top of our existing APIs, which we have no intention of deprecating or removing. Existing customers will be able to continue to use the modules, but at their own risk.

Customers are welcome to make adjustments to the module on their own and we will give license to any customer who would like to do so. If you’d like to learn more, see How to Contact Support.


Will my client’s sites be taken down or unpublished?

No. No change will be made to your client’s websites and we will not be removing or altering any existing integration.

How long will the plugin continue to work?

Theoretically, they can work forever. But, over time, we expect it to naturally stop functioning due to lack of updates. This can be because you move your server to a newer version of PHP that the module does not support, or maybe WHMCS / APS introduces something new that breaks the module.

We do know that the module is functioning well for customers today and we don’t expect it to break any time soon. Taking on the maintenance of the module on your own would not be too difficult, as it is based on top of Duda’s Partner APIs.

Are there any paths outside of Duda to update or maintain a module?

Yes. You are welcome to make updates to the module PHP code directly on your installation.

While we won’t be able to support you if you make updates or changes to the module, we do think that many customers will take this route. Updating the module requires knowledge of PHP and the basics of the system, which many administrators are already familiar with. We’ve already had several Duda customers make tweaks to the modules on their own, organically.

Will my clients be able to log in and access their website still?

Yes. As long as you keep the module installed, your client will be able to log in to WHMCS or Odin directly and manage their website. If you uninstall the module, then they will not be able to log in anymore.

You are welcome to give clients access to edit the website by logging directly into the Duda website (under your brand). For more information, see Manage User Permissions.

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