Upgrade Your Account to Gain Access to New Features

Get more value out of Duda by switching to a new Agency plan. With access to advanced tools and features, you can better serve your customers and grow your business.


All charges are in USD.

Why Upgrade?

Duda’s most powerful tools, features, and capabilities are now available on the new Agency plan. By upgrading, you can increase your ROI by selling more sites and services to your clients. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Dynamic Pages - Sell more complex sites that are built programmatically from a single data collection such as Google Sheets, Airtable or an external database.
  • Site Comments - Empower your team and clients to provide feedback directly on top of a site, consolidate communication channels, and complete projects faster.
  • App Store Overview - Generate new revenue streams for your business and customers by adding powerful, high-caliber integrations to your sites.
  • More to Discover - Gain access to Duda’s most advanced features, newest apps, and future releases that won’t be available until you upgrade your account.
  • Incredible Value - In addition to the benefits a new Agency plan brings to your business, you will receive discount pricing and free credits for up to 4 sites.

How To Upgrade

To upgrade:

  1. Submit a request by contacting support.
  2. Select Account Upgrade Request as the issue type.
  3. Enter your email, the plan to which you want to upgrade, and the reason for upgrading.

For information, visit our upgrade page.

Upgrade FAQs

Choosing a New Plan

Which plan can I choose?

  • If you have a DudaPro / White Label Reseller account, you can upgrade to an Agency or Team plan.
  • Visit our plans page to learn about our different plans.

Can I upgrade to a monthly plan?

No. Currently, we only support annual plans for this upgrade. Remember, upgrading to an annual plan saves you around 20% compared to the price of a monthly plan.

Can I switch back to an old pricing plan?

No, there is no option to switch back to an old pricing plan. Keep in mind that most new capabilities will not be added to old plans.


When would I receive my first charge?

You will be charged on the day of the upgrade. From then on, this day of the month (ex. 6th) would become your billing date for any monthly Duda payments.

I already paid for an annual White Label Reseller subscription. Would I get my money back?

If you have already paid for an annual White Label Reseller subscription, you will automatically be prorated for the time remaining on it.

Will the details I will get from support include tax?

No, the details you’ll get before paying will not include tax. Tax will be included in the final charge.

Will I need to provide credit card info again?

In most cases, you won’t need to provide credit card information for the upgrade. We will just use your existing, encrypted credit card on file. However, in some cases, you might need to provide credit card details to allow us to consolidate all your payments into one.

I purchased my plan and/or site with a coupon - can I use it again?

Unfortunately, no. There’s no option to reuse coupons.

Your Sites

My account includes free sites from the old plan. Will they still be free?

  • No. If your old plan included free sites, they will be unpublished during the upgrade. Once the upgrade is completed, you will need to republish your sites on a paid plan.
  • Your new plan does include up to 4 free new sites (Agency plan includes 4 free sites; Team plan includes 1 free site).

What will happen to the sites I purchased?

  • Sites purchased 30 days or more prior to upgrading will be renewed on the same date at the new price of the plan you chose.
  • Annual sites purchased less than 30 days prior to the upgrade will be fully refunded and re-purchased automatically on the date of the upgrade, according to the selected plan price.

What about Site for Life sites?

Site for Life Sites (purchased prior to December 1, 2019) remain as Site for Life.

What about my DudaMobile sites?

After the upgrade, the price of a DudaMobile site will be the same as a responsive site.

Will  I need to change my monthly site plan to get the free sites in my new plan?

  • No. Once you upgrade to a new pricing plan, you won’t be charged for your monthly sites that’s included in your new plan.
  • If you don’t have any monthly sites, the new sites you build will be published as monthly sites so you can get the benefit (remember, the Agency includes 4 free sites).
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