We are sunsetting the Agendize app on January 1st, 2022. We are searching for new booking apps to replace the functionality that Agendize provides, but we may not have one live by the sunset date.

We recommend that current Agendize users migrate to a new booking tool to avoid service interruptions. To export data from Agendize, see Data Portability.

Today, the modern consumer is constantly connected to the web through their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The result is a change of habits and expectations regarding digital services:

  • 40% of appointments are booked outside regular business hours.
  • 61% of consumers either expect online scheduling or believes it sets a business apart from the competition.
  • 67% of online consumers are more likely to purchase when they can get an instant response from the company.

Therefore, consumers are starting to expect services that they consider indispensable and fulfill a level of efficiency and ease for them, including:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Autonomy when scheduling appointments
  • Notifications and reminders of appointments
  • An outlet to give an opinion of their experience with the business

These new expectations from consumers affect all service-oriented industries and sectors. The Agendize Online Appointment Scheduling app for App Store is designed to adapt to your business needs according to the type of services you offer while giving customers an easy and efficient way to book an appointment through online channels.

Plans and Pricing








Number of users included1510
Email notifications and reminders
SMS notifications and reminders
Staff availabilities management
Post appointment feedback
Appointment for someone else
Waiting list
Google calendar syncing
iCal syncing
Outlook syncing
Office 365 syncing
Online payment
Customizable notification templates
Number of servicesUp to 5Up to 10Unlimited
Number of resourcesUp to 5Up to 10Unlimited
Multi time zone management  
Customizable user access rights  
Staff and services groups  
Customizable widget fields  
Clients and leads database
Contacts in CRMLimited to 1,000Limited to 2,500Limited to 10,000
Customizable privacy settings
Contacts list settings  
Email marketing2,500 emails/mo5,000 emails/mo20,000 emails/mo
Customizable email marketing templates

Resell Recommendations

  • Recommendation: Add 50% to 100% markup

Agendize does not have a direct customer channel, so there's no price to compete with natively in the market. You can upsell to what ever you think is appropriate. We recommend a 50% to 100% markup.

PlanPriceRecommended Client Price


Create Your Account

Agendize Dashboard

Agendize Widget

Customers book appointments online:

  • Thanks to our easy to integrated solution, your customers have access to your agenda directly from your website, Facebook page, Google My Business, and even your email signature.
  • They check your availabilities and choose a slot for the appointment.
  • You also have the possibility to add a payment request before the appointment validation.

Your agenda is filling up:

  • Access your schedule from your computer, tablet and smartphone.
  • View appointments booked by your team, services, rooms and equipment available.
  • Your schedule can be synchronized with Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365 or iCal.

Customers receive a reminder message:

  • Stop no-show appointments!
  • Your customers receive an email or text message reminding them the details of the appointment.

Win customer reviews:

  • After each appointment, you have the option to send an email to your clients to collect their feedback.
  • The review can be directly added to your Google My Business listing to increase your brand awareness and your web presence.

Your customer database is growing:

  • All your contacts are stored in a CRM! Each one of your contacts has a customer record with the appointment history.
  • By integrating GDPR consent directly, you have the ability to execute direct marketing actions with email campaigns.

Common Questions

What type of businesses does Agendize work well for?

Any business that takes appointments, reservations, or has a schedule-based business model will benefit from using Agendize; examples include wellness and beauty professionals (Hair Stylists, Massage Therapists, Fitness classes), accredited professionals (Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants) and trades (Mechanics, Plumbers, Electricians).

What languages are supported?

Agendize is available in eight different languages including: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

Which calendars does Agendize sync with?

Built-in calendar integrations include: Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook, and Office 365

Is the widget customizable?

Yes, the booking widget can be customized to display photos, services, pricing, time zones, hours of operation and more.

Do you have tutorials available to help configure and manage Agendize?

Yes, we have online tutorials. In particular, see Appointment Scheduling | The Basics.

How does Agendize display on my site?

Agendize adds a Booking floating button to all the pages of your site on the bottom right corner. The button allows site visitors to book appointments with the business.

In order to have the widget on your site, you should complete the configuration flow after adding the app to your site. The Agendize app will guide you through the steps. Once the button is on your site, publish/republish the site to have the button available for site visitors.

I cannot see the floating booking widget on my site.

Make sure you have completed the company configuration process in the Agendize app. To start it again, open the Agendize app, and from the Dashboard click the Installation Page link under step #1. Complete the configuration.

If you still don’t see the floating button:

  1. Make sure nothing is hiding the button. The button should be located on the bottom right corner of all pages. If you have another floating button widget located on the bottom right corner, it may hide the Agendize button.
  2. Try to refresh the editor.

I entered an email address on the configuration, but nothing happened.

You cannot use the email address of your administrator to set up a company in Agendize. Please use another address.

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