Beta Group FAQs

The following is related to rules and regulations for members joining the beta group.


As soon as your account has access to the feature, all users in your account will have access as well--including team members and clients.

If you’d like to opt out of the Site Overview beta, please send us a request to be removed from the Site Overview beta.

Your feedback is extremely important to us. We’ll send you a survey in a few days to collect your feedback, but if you have any questions or suggestions before then, please submit a request at

What's the benefit of being part of the beta group?

Being part of this group means you can influence how the product works and share your suggestions about how to make it better.

You'll be communicating directly with the product managers that build it, and have the chance to try out stuff before everyone else.

And.. being an awesome Dude.

What types of features are in the beta group?

EVERYTHING! From new widgets we’d like your opinion about to new apps in the App Store, Pro features in the dashboard, and more. Sometimes, it may just be an idea we want to share with you.

Do I have to take part in all beta features?

No, you don't. Sometimes, the feature will be something that you don’t use, or something that doesn’t fit the types of sites you build. That’s fine, just don’t use it.

To be removed from a specific beta feature, email and we'll remove the entire account. Keep in mind that in most cases, the feature will be live for everyone within a few weeks.

If we see that you don't send any feedback after several beta features, we’ll remove you from the group.

Will my customers see the beta features?

That depends on the feature and your customers’ permissions.

If it's a feature that you add to a customer site and they have editing permissions, they’ll be able to see and use it. Your customers won’t know it’s a beta feature, and they won't be able to send us feedback.

Will my staff be able to see the beta features and add feedback?

Yes, team members with the right permissions can see and use the features, and send feedback.

How will I know about new beta features?

We’ll send you a heads up a few days before we open each beta feature.

How do I send feedback and suggestions?

Each feature will have a link to open a popup where you can send suggestions, ask questions, report bugs, and more. In some cases we’ll send you a dedicated survey. It's that easy!

How long do I have to send feedback?

For most features, we will request that you send your feedback within 1 or 2 weeks.

Can I leave the group?

Yes, email a request to and we'll remove you from the group. If you do, we would appreciate it if you could tell us why.

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