Trial Period


This guide is for users on Basic/Team/Agency plan.

When you create your account, you automatically receive a free trial that enables you to benefit from all the features included in the Team plan. For more details about the plan, visit our pricing page.

To upgrade your account or for information on how to change or purchase a site subscription, follow this guide.

The following actions will end the trial period for your account:

  • Publishing the 2nd site during the trial
  • Adding more than 4 staff member
  • Upgrading to a premium store (store with more than 10 items)
  • Publishing a mobile-only site
  • Your trial time has passed

If your trial has expired, you will see the notification below and will need to click Upgrade and choose a plan.


Sites created during the trial period are not deleted. To continue editing these sites, you must purchase an account plan and upgrade.

It is not possible to extend the trial.

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