How do I Increase WebPageTest Speed?

Below are common issues that come up when using Google's WebPageTest tool and how to fix them.

Page Size Too Big

If you website takes longer than six seconds to load, your page is probably too big. This is probably due to too many images, embedded videos and background videos, and image sliders.


  • We recommend limiting the number of full-sized images on a single page to five (if you have to use more, try placing them lower on the page
  • Consider minimizing or removing images, videos, image sliders, and image galleries

Multiple Landing Page Redirects

Multiple landing page redirects can impact speed tests,


Try testing again with https:// in front of the URL (example:

Render Blocking JavaScript

If you install custom code on your Duda website, you may have inadvertently made it so that Duda does not optimize the website for page speed.


See Increase Google PageSpeed for solutions.


Each font on your website requires additional code to be loaded from the Google font library and slows down page speed.


We recommend using no more than two fonts on your website.

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