How to Transfer a Site to a Different Account

While you cannot transfer a site in the platform, the support team at Duda can transfer sites for you by special request.


Site-for-Life sites cannot be transferred.


To transfer a site:

  1. Unpublish the site.
  2. Cancel any subscriptions associated with the site.
  3. Click the Help button in the lower right corner to contact support with the email address associated with your account. Include the following in the request:
    • The URL of the site you want to transfer. The best way to identify the site is by going into the editor and copying the editor URL (Example:
    • The email address associated with the account to which you want to transfer the site to.

For more information, see How to Contact Support.


This account must already exist. Duda will not create the account for you.

After the site has been transferred, you will need to pay for the site and republish to take the site live again. Expect there to be some downtime while a site is being transferred. You will also have to re-add client permissions after the transfer.


Make a duplicate of your site before transferring. You will not be able to transfer the site back without permission from the new owner.

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