Add Membership Pages

Membership pages allow you to build high-converting and engaging sites by gathering valuable leads and user information. Add Membership capabilities to restrict access to site pages based on whether or not the site visitor is logged in or not.


This feature is still in development and will gradually be released to all customers.

To add membership pages to your site or to convert pages to membership pages:

    1. In the side panel of the editor, click Pages.
    2. To create a new membership page, click + New Page.
    3. To convert an existing page to a membership page, click the settings (edit_icon.png) icon next to the page, and then click Set Access.
    4. Click Members Only, and then click + Add Membership. You only need to click +Add Membership for the first membership page.
      The page becomes locked for members only. The first time you add a membership page a new login page is added to the site’s pages list, but is not visible in the pages list.

If you are using sub-pages and want to have membership on them as well, you must individually restrict each subpage.

  1. To edit the page users see when they create an account, click Customize Signup Page.

Dynamic pages, store pages, and blog posts are not currently supported.

Configure Signup Page

You only have one signup page regardless of the number of restricted pages.

To configure the signup page:

  1. In the side panel of the editor, click Pages.
  2. Click the settings (edit_icon.png) icon next to the page that has Members Only permissions, and click Set Access.
  3. Click Customize signup page.
  4. Click the Sign Up widget to open the content design editor. You have the following options:
    • Title. Configure the title of the widget.
    • Signup. Google signup is enabled.
    • Terms of Service. Customize the terms of use text. We recommend adding links to your Privacy Page and Terms of Use page. For more information, see Privacy Settings.

Remove Site Membership

To remove membership from a site, you must change the page access on all Membership Pages and republish the site. The login page will remain on the site. Once membership is installed on a site it cannot be uninstalled.

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