LOGO.com quickly creates clean, professional, and unique logo designs. Starting with as little as a business name, you are able to sit back and review dozens to hundreds of designs, and then easily adjust colors, fonts, layouts and icons—from an easy-to-use dashboard. Access all kinds of file types and file sizes to save hours of time. Your logo files have a home at LOGO.com.

Website builder clients need a new logo, or are looking for a fresh-look. LOGO.com provides instant logo designs that are compatible with Duda’s template for immediate injection into the client’s site. The self-serve editor and dashboard allow the user to make any necessary adjustments with extremely low post-sale questions. The logo creation stage of a website build can be where the client abandons the process, but with LOGO.com’s automated, instant logo creation, your client can create and self-install a logo within minutes while adding life-long value to their brand.


LOGO.com provides a home for your logo files and branding tools. The monthly subscription plans provide more than just logo design files—they provide branding tools to help create marketing materials, business cards, and more. Users also have the ability to edit and update their logo as long as they maintain their subscription (not including their business name). The subscription cost is often less than the cost as purchasing a logo separately. In addition to the logo files, the LOGO.com dashboard provides such features as social media files, Zoom backgrounds, font files and business card templates.

Mini Logo+Brand$3/moThe Mini Logo+Brand plan provides you with the basic designs and tools to get started with your brand. You will be able to use your logo files on different platforms, and access your logo in high-resolution and vector formats such as PNG, JPG and SVG as well as with transparent backgrounds. Black and white versions are also included for versatility.
Starter Logo+Brand$5/moThe Starter Logo+Brand plan provides all of the logo file formats and sizes that we offer. With a social media kit that includes dozens of pre-formatted file sizes for all of the popular platforms, this plan will save hours of time. Business card templates, letterhead, email signatures, watermarking, a shareable brand showcase and more are included in this subscription.
Pro Logo+Brand $8/moThe Pro Logo+Brand plan is our all-inclusive branding solution that will give you all the tools to build a successful brand quickly. This subscription plan builds on the Mini and Starter plans and allows you to create and download all the files needed for social media including branded mockups, our logo resizing tool, a business card builder, and a complete brand guideline.

Resale Pricing Recommendations

Our Mini, Starter and Pro subscription plans are billed monthly at $3/mo, $5/mo and $8/mo, respectively. We recommend these are included within subscription plans as a tool for creating a logo for your customers, or you use LOGO.com as an on-going tool that your customers can use to create assets.

The retail value of these subscriptions billed monthly are $9.99/mo, $19.99/mo and $29.99/mo, respectively. The Mini Plan is not offered on LOGO.com directly. For more information on retail pricing, see https://logo.com/pricing.




Included in every plan
Instant Logo Access  ✓   ✓   ✓
Full Logo Ownership  ✓   ✓   ✓
Logo Brand Dashboard
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Logo Files
NGs (includes color and black & white)
High Resolution & Vector Images
Design & Print Files  
Branding Files
Social Media Kit 
Business Card Templates 
Brand Tools
Edit Your LogoUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Brand Showcase  
Stock Photo & Icon Library  
Brand Guidelines  
Branded Mockups  
Logo Variants  
Business Card Builder  

Common Questions

Who uses LOGO.com?

Freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and those wanting to turn a side-gig into a business.

How does LOGO.com work?

At LOGO.com we provide a unique logo design within mere minutes while also providing brand tools while you start and run your business. The appeal of our tool is that it is self-serve and automatically designs a unique logo for your brand instantly, using AI technology to design a clean professional logo for your business. Simply start by entering a business name and the magic begins. Browse through designs and then customize your selected design with an icon, colors and layout. Select your subscription plan and know that your logo is available with custom branding tools to help you grow your business.

Can I speak to someone over the phone?

While we do not offer direct phone support, we are available to promptly assist you via email. We also provide a Knowledge Base that contains additional information to help you get the most out of your subscription. For more information or for email assistance, please contact us at support@logo.com.

Can I receive a refund?

Once a design file has been created and made available for download, a refund on the subscription is not available. As we provide you with the ability to preview your logo design in full before checking out, we do not currently offer refunds. It is simple to cancel your subscription to ensure that your renewal will not take place. If your case requires special consideration, please contact us at support@logo.com.

What is your cancellation policy?

While we will be sad to see you go, you can cancel your subscription at any time. After cancelling your subscription, you will not receive any further renewal charges under that plan. There is no cancellation fee and no refund of previously paid subscription fees. You will maintain access to the features and tools within your subscription plan until it expires. Once your subscription plan expires, you will no longer have access to download your logo files.

Can LOGO.com create a unique logo design?

Yes! Our powerful logo maker will analyze your business name, and other inputs to create a unique logo design. Using hundreds of design rules, thousands of color and layout factors, and millions of icons, we create your logo brand instantly. There are no pre-made logos and no hidden tricks. This is AI-automated power at your fingertips. We do not provide one-on-one brand customization with a human designer. We encourage you to use our logo maker and you can easily adjust the fonts, colors, text and icon as well as tweak the sizing of your logo’s icon and text.

How can I get more than 1 logo credit in this package?

Our packages are for a single logo brand.

What size will my logo come in?

In your dashboard you will find not one, but dozens of different file sizes and formats.

How do I download my logo?

You simply use the editor on LOGO.com to generate and edit a logo design and then check out. After checking out you can download your logo from the LOGO.com dashboard.

What are the file formats that I will receive when I download my logo?

The Mini plan provides JPG, PNG and SVG files, including transparent background files.

The Starter and Pro plans provide JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF and AI, including transparent backgrounds files.

Can I make changes to a logo after I purchase it?

Yes. After your logo is purchased you are able to make changes to its layout, design, colors, font and slogan. If you have made a spelling error in the business name, please contact support directly and we will adjust it at no charge.

What devices and browsers support LOGO.com?

LOGO.com is accessible on desktop and mobile across all browser types with Google Chrome being optimal.

Do you supply font files?

Yes. We have specifically used fonts where we are able to provide you access to the font names and font files. This can enable you to create other media that matches the font used in your logo. We are able to provide you the font files for both your business name as well as for your slogan, which are often different font types.

Can I sell my logo?

You can create logos as a service for clients but you are not allowed to resell your logos as stock content, specifically you are not allowed to detach an icon from within a logo and resell an icon by itself.

Can others recreate and use my logo once I have purchased it from LOGO.com?

LOGO.com generates logo options from millions of different inputs (color, icons, font, size, layout, text) so the likelihood of someone recreating your exact logo is slim to none. Please note that we do not remove the icons or other elements that are used in your logo after you have purchased it from our editor.

How can I contact LOGO.com Customer Support?

We are ready and happy to assist you with any questions you may have! You can contact us by email at support@Logo.com and we will be happy to reply, generally within a few hours.

Additional Resources

For more information and FAQs, see the Logo.com Knowledge Base.

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