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This feature is still in development and will gradually be released to all customers.

When you add a new store to your site, 4 new pages (store homepage, category, product, and cart & checkout) are created allowing you to customize each page separately. This provides significantly faster page performance, all store pages are automatically connected to your store catalog, and supports an SEO-friendly URL structure for each page. This is for newly added stores only.


All eCommerce templates currently contain the old store. For more information, see eCommerce: Getting Started.

After adding a store to your site, 4 new store pages are created in the eCommerce panel that display the Store Homepage, Category page, Product page, and Checkout & Cart. For more information, see Store Pages.

To add a store to your site:

  1. In the side panel of the editor, click eCommerce.
  2. Click Start for Free to add the Demo store.
  3. To upgrade to a store plan, click the store plan you want to add (Standard Store, Advanced Store, Unlimited Store), and click Upgrade. Click Upgrade your store.
  4. Click Add a Store.

To edit the store pages, in the side panel of the editor, click eCommerce and then click Store Pages. Click the corresponding page and click the store widget on that page to open the Design editor.

The Design editor on each page contains custom layouts specific for that page (for example, the product page widget contains layouts and custom options specific to the product page) as well as design capabilities used across all pages (for example, animations, spacing).

The following features are not currently supported for new stores:

  • Link picker
  • Account and login pages
  • Filter and sort on the store homepage
  • Pagination on the store homepage
  • Ability to show a single product on the store homepage
  • Multilingual stores
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