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If you’re building a website for your business it’s crucial that you also capture the visitors in order to build your own customer list. Movylo can help you capture website visitors and build a list of contacts automatically (and the same with Facebook, Google, and so on): once you have your own customer list, the Movylo AutoPilot then automatically nurtures it and converts it into trackable extra sales for your business.


The prices listed below are exclusive for Duda customers and are only available to purchase through the App Store.

  Start with Trial Start with Service Silver Gold Platinum
Price Free for 90 days $1.50/mo $4.99/mo $12.29/mo $24.99/mo
To build your customer list
Dashboard interface Lite Lite Lite Full Full
Customizable customer sign up page Y Y Y Y Y
Website widget to capture new customers Y Y Y Y Y
Automated social media posting Y Y Y Y Y
Messenger chatbot Y Y Y Y Y
Excel import Y Y Y Y Y
Printable in-store material Y Y Y Y Y
To automatically engage with customers
Automated email/SMS software Email Email Email Email/SMS Email/SMS
Custom social media offer posting Y Y Y Y Y
Default templates with basic editing Y Y Y Y Y
Automated loyalty program (single tier)       Y Y
Analytics Basic Basic Basic Advanced Advanced
Custom emails       Y Y
Campaign scheduler (email, posts, SMS, and so on)       Y Y
SMS messaging       Y Y
Custom loyalty program (multi-tier)       Y Y
Product inventory management       Y Y
eCommerce functionality on landing page       Y Y
Delivery functionality on landing page       Y Y
Booking functionality on landing page       Y Y
# of customers (CRM) 25 100 250 1000 5000


CRM. This will help you keep and grow your customer list. Here you will find your customers’ contact details.

Marketing Automation. This is our core service, called the AutoPilot. Imagine an engine that sends personal and target messages to the customers of your business, to engage with them and drive them back to you to buy more, in-store and/or online.

Loyalty Engine. Create your single or multi-tier loyalty program. Give loyalty points to customers, manually and automatically, to keep them coming back.

Integrations to capture leads from your site, Facebook, Messenger, Google My Business, and more. The CRM is the repository where you can find the list of your customers, but, where can you find and capture customers? Every day your business is seen by potential customers that visit your website, your social pages and so on. With Movylo you can capture those customers automatically!

Couponing Engine. What’s better than sending customers personal messages that include a bonus/discount/coupon to motivate them to come back more often to your business?

In-store and online payments. You can drive customers more often to your store, if you have one, or you can simply promote your business online with the digital store that Movylo creates for you. Then simply add your PayPal account and start selling online.

Digital store to sell online. Yes, you will have a complete digital store for your promotions. This will not be your eCommerce store, but a simple set of landing pages to help you sell online.

Newsletter Engine. Want to communicate with your customers? Create and send beautiful newsletters to customers, in a few clicks!

Mobile App for customers. Get followers with our app! Your customers will be able to manage your loyalty program, see your deals, and buy from your store, all from the App (not mandatory for customers).

Common Questions

For a list of frequently asked questions or common troubleshooting issues, see the Movylo FAQ.

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