Authorize.Net Emulation

The store allows using any payment gateway that supports or can emulate the Authorize.Net SIM API. Such emulation can be used to connect your store with gateways it doesn't support yet or to develop custom payment modules.

Use Gateways that Emulate Authorize.Net SIM

If you want to use a gateway that isn't supported yet and that can emulate Authorize.Net, you can still use it with your store.

To connect such a gateway with your store:

  1. In the side panel of the editor, click eCommerce, and then click Manage Store.
  2. Click Payment.
  3. Scroll to Payment Alternatives, and click the Choose Payment Processor drop-down.
  4. Select Authorize.Net SIM to add it to your payment methods.
  5. Click Account Settings next to Authorize.Net SIM.
  6. Click Advanced settings, then change the default Endpoint URL to the one provided by your payment gateway.
  7. Set the other fields as your payment gateway asks you to and save the changes.

After that, if a customer uses the Credit Card method, they will use your new payment gateway.

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