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Kliken is a service that helps you build and manage Google Ads marketing campaigns. Using Kliken for your business helps alleviate the stress of getting your products or services in front of new leads. Getting started with Google Ads can take too much time and requires day-to-day management. With Kliken, you’re able to set up your campaign in less than 10 minutes, share your business goals, and monitor conversions like phone calls from your ads. This way you can spend your valuable time focusing on your business. 


Kliken offers different pricing plans to meet your business needs.

Plan Budget Details
Free   Build Google Ad campaigns and gain an understanding of your website traffic.
Basic Up to $500/mo We recommend starting with this plan. You can run ad budgets of up to $500 dollars per month, while we help set up and manage your campaigns. Most importantly, you can monitor conversions from your ads such as calls to your business, contact form submissions, and other valuable interactions with potential customers. This way you can monitor the return on your ad spending and grow your budget as you see success.
Essential Over $500/mo Same features as the Free and Basic plans, but with a larger budget dedicated to ads.
Premium Over $2000/mo Same features as the Free and Basic plans, but with a larger budget dedicated to ads.


Your ad budget is used over the course of a month to cover the cost of people interacting with your ads. This includes which ads are performing the best, which keywords people are searching for the most to find your business, and what parts of your campaigns are generating leads for your business. The higher your ad budget, the more leads you’ll get in front of as they’re searching for their next purchase.

Resale Pricing Recommendations

In addition to the monthly fees outlined in the Pricing section, there is a recommended setup fee of $99 for resale. 


Quick and Easy Set Up

With Kliken, you’re able to set up your campaign in less than 10 minutes, share your business goals, and monitor conversions like phone calls from your ads. This helps free up your time so that you can focus on your business. 

Automated Campaign Management

Kliken manages the day-to-day operations of your campaign to make sure you’re getting the most out of your budget. Your campaigns focus on content that is most likely to generate conversions and help grow your business. This means if an ad is viewed a lot, but not interacted with, we may allocate more budget to other content getting you better leads. 

Flexible Budget

You choose a budget that works for you. Because your budget covers the month, you’ll know exactly what you’re spending and can monitor how your budget is used. 

Common Questions

How do I cancel my campaign?

Kliken runs on automated billing for all of our services. If you need to cancel a campaign, follow the instructions on How To Cancel a Search Ads Campaign. After canceling all of your campaigns you will no longer be billed for that campaign. If you have multiple accounts, with multiple campaigns, you will have to manage each one separately. 

If you are attempting to cancel your Kliken Marketing services through one of our partnerships, see our How to Cancel article. 

How does billing work?

When you purchase a campaign with a marketing spend of $120, you are essentially pre-paying for advertising credits. The cost of a click is determined by the search engine, not by Kliken.

For example, this is how  Google handles your $120 payment:

Joe in Asheville buys an AdWords advertising campaign on the Google network for $120 per month. Google spreads this monthly budget equally over 30 days to expose the ad throughout the month. Joe’s monthly budget becomes a daily budget:

  • $120 is divided by 30 days = $4.00/day
  • $4.00 is what Joe can spend per day on clicks

Google (not Kliken) charges Joe $0.70 each time a visitor clicks on his ad. Therefore, Joe can pay for 5 clicks per day ($0.70 x 5 = $3.50).

After the fourth click, Joe’s daily budget is depleted and Google restricts the frequency of his ads. Although Joe’s ads are active, they are not appearing to viewers as often as they could. At the end of the month, the clicks are totaled and deducted from his budget (which is commonly referred to as Google Credits).

  • Joe received 150 clicks x $0.70/click = $105
  • The $15 leftover ($120 - $105) rolls over as AdWords credits towards the next month.

What is the automation fee?

Our services for Google Shopping* offer not just listing optimization, but the entire product feed optimization. We are deeply integrated with our eCommerce partners so we can pull your store and product data such as images, product titles/descriptions, order status, shipping/tax information, product availability, and other required data to run your campaigns. Our services build, upload, and manage your product feed automatically with all of this data resulting in better performing campaigns and much more time for you!

Here are just a few of the benefits you get from the automation fee:

  • Google Merchant Center and Google Ads account creation and setup.
  • Updates to your store or products automatically reflect in your product feed (for example, price changes).
  • Out of stock products stop serving automatically, saving costs and time.
  • Automatic conversion setup and installation to track sales, revenue, and ROI.
  • Tier 2 support for suspension, account issues, or disapproval handling.
  • Daily bid strategy review and adjustments based on performance.

Best of all, the automation fee allows you to build and launch Smart Shopping campaigns at any time, while all you do is pick your ad spend budget. If you have any questions or need more info on this topic, feel free to reach out to our support team at any time. 

*Google Shopping is the base platform for Google Free Listings (Google Surfaces) and Smart Shopping campaigns. 

Why is my search ad not showing up?

Here are the top 3 reasons your ad isn’t showing up:

1. You have run out of budget

Let’s say your monthly marketing budget is $150. When divided evenly over 30 days, this gives you a daily budget of $5. Let’s say your average cost-per-click is $1, and you have already received 5 clicks today. In this case, your ad stops showing until the next day because you don’t have the daily budget for one more click. It's possible that your budget can't accommodate all of the traffic available for your keywords and other campaign targeting settings.

To make sure that your budget lasts throughout the day, your search provider reduces how often your ads appear. Ads in the campaign can still appear, but might not appear as often as they could. If you search for your ad after you have exhausted the budget, consider increasing your budget to maximize your potential with pay-per-click.

2. Is that keyword in your campaign?

Remember to use one of the keywords that are in your Kliken campaign in order for your ad to appear in search results. Sometimes the reason your ad does not appear in search results can be simple—that keyword is not in your campaign. If you enter a keyword for your search query and don’t see your ad, head over to your Kliken account and check that you have that keyword active in your campaign.

3. Your competitors are out-bidding you

The paid search arena gets more competitive every day. You may achieve top ad position today, but you can’t predict when your competitors will start out-bidding you. If the product or service you’re advertising for has a high number of competitors running PPC campaigns, it may be challenging to maintain a consistent ad position. Kliken monitors your average position and your visitors’ engagement level to avoid being pushed to a less than ideal ad position.

Why can't I find my shopping ads when I search for them? 

Google Shopping ads show when people are browsing on the Shopping and Smart Shopping related networks for your products. If your campaign is active and your products are approved, your ads show each day to interested shoppers, so do not be discouraged if you search for them and are unable to find them. As we recommend against searching for your own ads to avoid unnecessary costs and throwing off optimization, here are a few reasons why you may not find your ad on a given search.

  • Your daily budget has been fully consumed.
  • You are searching with keywords or phrases that do not exist in your product titles or descriptions.
  • You are not in your campaign's target location.
  • Other advertisers paid more on a given search to show above you. 
  • You searched for a product that was not active or selected to be advertised. 

Using a live search on Google does not accurately show if your ads are being listed. Every user sees different search results, and takes historic search behavior, buying behavior, and more into consideration. Monitor your reports to ensure the people who matter are seeing your ads as they shop.

Why is my Google Shopping campaign not approved? 

In order to launch your campaign on Google, there are a few basic requirements. If your campaign is not approved, make sure to review this list for any missing pieces. 

1. Your website must be verified and claimed in our Google Merchant Center account. We provide this HTML verification meta tag for you, unless we are able to auto verify your website with our plugin. If you have already claimed your website in a different Google Merchant Center account, you will need to release that claim while running a campaign through us.**

**websites with subdomains can only be claimed at the root. If you try to advertise with us, but already have a claim on, then we'll need to claim in order to advertise. 

2. Your website and store must meet Google's minimum policy requirements. Here are a few of the most common errors:

  • Inclusion of a refund/return policy.
  • 2 of 3 contact points: email address, phone number, or physical address.
  • Payment Policy: Clear list of payment option before checkout.
  • Valid SSL certificate and a website pointing to https://
  • Unsupported Shopping Content: advertising services, subscriptions, vehicles, and more. 

What match types are the keywords? 

The keywords are broad match, modified broad match, phrase match, and exact match. We also use negative keywords. 

Can I have multiple locations and target specific keywords per location in different areas?

To do this you need to create one campaign for each location and purchase the campaigns independently. This allows you to have a larger or smaller budget per location. You will not be charged an automation fee for each additional campaign.  

I use Duda as my primary site, but I use Thinkific for my course offerings. Would I need a second Kliken account for Thinkific?

No, you can set your Kliken campaign up using Duda then redirect it to any domain. 

How much better or faster is using Kliken to create Google campaigns instead of using Google Ads directly? 

Using Kliken saves you time and money by speeding up the onboarding process, structuring the campaign for you, and providing you with higher quality keywords. 

Where can I read case studies?

To read case studies, see Kliken Success Stories

Is retargeting a Kliken service?


Whose credit card do I use to pay for Kliken?

You can use your credit card and then bill your client or you can set it up with your client’s credit card. 

What is the difference between Kliken's advertised Automation Fee for $10 per month vs the different packages for Duda Agencies? 

The $10 automation fee is only for Google Shopping campaigns. It is not for Google Search Ads.

Based on the Do it For Me setup, the customer pays $150 on their credit card and pays me a setup fee of $99-199. Does this eliminate the Kliken/Duda monthly fee? If not, how do you structure the set up fee to make sense for us? 

It does not eliminate the automation fee. In this case, the customer should pay for the automation fee, so if possible, you should bill the customer for it on a monthly basis and add the fee to it. 

Can I change the currency displayed on the Mobile App or Dashboard so that my client can see how much they are spending on ads in the currency they paid in? 

Yes, the currency in the Mobile App and Dashboard will reflect the currency you are paying in as long as it is one of our supported currencies. We support the following currencies:

  • USD
  • Euro
  • Pound
  • DKK 
  • NOK 
  • SEK 
  • MXP 
  • PLN 
  • CAD
  • CHF

Is there reporting on the performance of the ads?

Yes, ad performance reports can be viewed in the Kliken dashboard. 

Is there a feature that sends reports to clients automatically?


Is Kliken white label and can I add my logo to the report I send to my clients?

Kliken is not while label and does not currently offer the option to add your logo to reports. 

Can clients track their campaign using Google Analytics?

If your client has set up Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics they will be able to see the campaigns and how well they convert. 

Does Kliken provide a summary count of bids, keywords, and text changes?

Kliken provides a summary count of keywords, ad groups, ads, geo locations, and demographics. We do not provide counts of bids or text changes.

How is revenue tracked if my client doesn’t have an eCommerce site?

You can track the average amount of revenue that a new lead or client brings in. 

How is revenue calculated for businesses that have variable prices paid at pickup or delivery?

Kliken can use the average order cost to provide a general estimate of revenue. 

If you are an online retailer can you add your webpage and or email instead of phone number? 


Who owns the client's Google Ads account?

It will reside in a brand new account under Kliken that the client does not have direct access to.

What if my business does not have a relevant Google my business category? 

While setting up the business category there is a “skip google business category” option that you can select. This allows you to write your own keywords. 

How do you prevent customers from seeing the package price if they have an eCommerce store through Duda?

Within Duda’s eCommerce Store there is an integration for Kliken that is different from the Kliken integration offered through Duda’s App Store. The integration offered through the App Store will not display the platform fees. 

Can I set up my campaign to run ads during a certain time of the day, like 9am - 5pm?

Kliken does this automatically and only runs your ads during optimal traffic times. You cannot manually specify time ranges for your ads to run. 

Does Kliken support Display Ads or video? 

Kliken supports Display Ads and will support YouTube videos by the end of 2021.

Can we manually pick the device we want to run our ads on, such as mobile only? 

Not right now. The reason for that is the AI bidding performs best by allowing all platforms to serve ads and we optimize for wherever they are searching at the time.

Does Kliken install conversion tags on our Duda site on our behalf? 


Is it possible to clone campaigns and apply to similar businesses? 

Not currently. 

Do we need to republish at the start of each campaign? 

No, you only need to publish once to get the tracking in place.

Do you edit the ads weekly or monthly? I.e., Does Kliken change up the ad text, negative keywords, etc?

We add negative keywords from the beginning. We show responsive search ads which make new variations of the ads to maximize clicks and conversions daily.

What is your support policy (days, hours, weeks)? And what ways do we have to connect with the team?
The Kliken support team is available 9am-9pm ET Monday through Friday and 12pm-9pm ET Saturday through Sunday. Our team can be reached by phone at ​+1 (877) 474-8394 or via a ticket through the Support tab within your account.

Additional Resources

For more information, see the Kliken website.

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