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This article pertains to the old pricing plan. For latest updates, see Your Account Billing.

If you've moved, have a credit card that will expire soon, or you need to make any changes to your payment information you can easily update your information from within the Duda dashboard to ensure your site maintains its premium status.

Updating your payment information

  1. Go to http://my.duda.co/home to log into your dashboard.
  2. Expand the site administration menu hamburger_icon.png and select Payment Info.
  3. Click the Update Billing Info button to update your payment information.
  4. Update any changes to the Customer Information and select your payment method, Credit Card or PayPal.

You're done! All sites bought with our one-click payment method are tied to the same payment information, so if you update your billing information for one site, it will update all other sites automatically.

Troubleshooting & FAQ's

Notification of Payment Processing Issue

After you've updated your account, all future payments will be applied to that payment information. If we have a problem processing a payment, for a site we'll send you an email and you'll also see an alert at the top of your dashboard.

Paid with PayPal?

If you paid through PayPal, you will need to update your payment information in your PayPal account. Please refer to the following article: Change the Payment Method in Your PayPal Account to update your billing information.

We are unable to complete your transaction at this time.

If you get an error such as this, simply follow the directions on the screen. This is an example of a common error that occurs;

Simply contact orders.review@bluesnap.com with the provided reference number to resolve this issue.

Other errors

For other errors where there are no clear instructions or directions on how to resolve the issue, simply take a screenshot and send it over to support@duda.co.

How do I downgrade my site?

You can downgrade your site from this same menu. After following all the steps, simply scroll down to where it says Downgrade my site. See the support article on how to downgrade your site for more information.

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