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This guide is for users on Basic/Team/Agency plan. For the guide for Duda Pro users click here.

Your account is billed in a single subscription model in which all account and subscription charges are aggregated in up to two consolidated invoices for monthly payments and annual payments. In this guide, we will describe the billing procedure and explain how to read your invoice.


All charges are in USD.

How does Duda’s billing system work?

Our billing system works on a single subscription model. This means that the account plan and site subscriptions charges are in a single transaction for all monthly payments and a single transaction for all annual payments.

Account plan and billing date

When you purchase your account plan, you are charged immediately and a billing date is set for your account. All further payments will be included in the invoices from Duda that you receive on this day in upcoming months.

  • Besides the initial account plan purchase, the only other immediate charges you see in your Payments page are for premium images and Site for Life plans. These are recorded in a separate invoice that is issued immediately after purchase (i.e., not on the account billing date).

Billing of your site subscriptions

Every account plan includes at least one site. Included sites subscriptions come at no additional charge. Once all included sites have been used, you will be charged for additional sites according to your account plan. For specific plan prices, see here.

  • The billing cycle occurs on the same date that you first purchased your account plan. Upgrading a plan will not change the billing cycle.
  • A site subscription begins on the date that the site is purchased. If a subscription is upgraded, the purchase date is updated accordingly. The site remains live from the start of the subscription cycle until the end of it, unless you unpublish the site. You will be billed for the site on the billing date.

Receiving an invoice

Invoices from Duda are issued after the services have been provided. You will receive an invoice for all monthly subscriptions and a separate invoice for all yearly subscriptions that were purchased in the previous month or are set to renew.

How to read your payment invoice

Account payments can be viewed via the Payments tab of your Dashboard. To check any invoice:

  1. Open your account dashboard.
  2. Hover over your email address in the top right corner.
  3. Select Payment from the drop-down menu.

With the exception of invoices for immediate purchases that have no subscription (premium images and Site or Life plans), every account invoice shows charges for subscriptions which were purchased or renewed in the previous month.

You will find the following fields on the invoice:

  • Month selection
    • The invoices to your account are displayed by month, so make sure you pick the relevant billing period.
  • Account plan payment
    • If you just purchased a yearly account plan, are paying for your account plan on a monthly basis, or it has been a year since your last payment, the first line of the invoice will show your account plan charge.
  • Site subscription payments
    • If you have both annual and monthly subscriptions, you will see two invoices on the billing date, one for monthly and one for annual subscriptions. Under each subscription type, you will see the number of sites, the total amount paid for sites in this group, and per-site details. For each site in your account with an active subscription, you will see:
      • The start/end date of the site subscription
      • Site URL
      • Cost
    • The sites on each invoice will be grouped by subscription type:
      • Monthly sites - Lists all of the monthly site subscriptions that were charged in this invoice.
      • Monthly sites with stores - Lists all of the monthly site subscriptions that include Standard, Advanced, and Unlimited stores.
      • Monthly store add-ons - Lists all Standard, Advanced, and Unlimited store add-ons (relevant only for Site for Life sites).
      • Annual sites - Lists all new and renewed annual site subscriptions that were charged in this invoice. If you have an annual site that was already billed and has not reached the end of its subscription, it will not appear.
      • Annual sites with stores - Lists all of annual site subscriptions that include Standard, Advanced, and Unlimited product stores.
      • Annual store add-ons - Lists all Standard, Advanced, and Unlimited store add-ons (relevant only for Site for Life sites).
      • Site for Life/Premium Images - Each Site for Life or Premium image purchased during a given month is listed in its own line on the invoice.
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