Fonts Library

The editor features a variety of fonts for your use. Set a global text font or choose to differentiate your text by using multiple different fonts on your site. To add custom fonts to your site, see Add Custom Fonts.

Font library

Below is a list of available fonts in the editor.

Alegreya Amiri Arial Barlow Be Vietnam
Comfortaa Dancing Script DM Sans DM Serif Display Epilogue
Fjalla One Heebo Helvetica Inter Jost
Lato Lora Merriweather Monsterrat Noto Sans
Noto Serif Nunito Sans Open Sans Oswald Playfair Display
Poppins Prata Prompt PT Sans Quicksand
Raleway Roboto Roboto Mono Roboto Slab Rubik
Slabo 27px Source Sans Pro Spartan Sulphur Point Ubuntu
Vidaloka Work Sans Yeseva One Kinsta Bebas
Muli Old Standard TT Petit Formal Script Rock Salt Shadows Into Light
Droid Sans   Droid Sans Mono Droid Serif    


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