Store Plans

The following store plans are available:

  • Demo Store (free)
  • Standard Store
  • Advanced Store
  • Unlimited Store

For features and pricing of each plan, see the eCommerce Plans

  • No change to existing sites
  • No change in pricing structure
  • Templates using the store will have to be updated
  • When publishing a site with the Demo Store, the Standard Store is auto-selected, but you can  select to stay on the Demo Store using the drop down

Plan Information

Demo Store

The Demo Store is free and includes all the features of the Standard Store so you can show it to your clients before paying for it, with the exception of the option to check out. After purchasing a plan, checkout is possible without further customization.

Standard Store

Previously the 100 product store, this plan includes store search and display filters, full customization, sale options and more.

Advanced Store

Previously the 2,500 product store, this plan includes 1G digital downloads, discount coupons, automatic tax calculations and more.

Unlimited Store

The Unlimited Store includes everything offered in the lower plans as well as Square POS support, global discounts, and unlimited products.

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