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Product types are groups of products which share the same attributes. The most popular examples of product types and attributes are books with ISBN, Pages, Author, Cover, etc.; Apparel with Brand, Season, Material; Hand-made, etc. If you sell products which can be grouped into one or more types, this feature will help you organize your products.

  • Create product characteristics that display on the product details page.
  • Store product info (like a UPC) without displaying it to customers.

Default Types

For your convenience, we added a default product type that is assigned to all products, General.

General. This type is created with two attributes that we consider the most commonly used, they can be applied to different product types:

UPC: unique product identifier such as UPC (in North America), EAN (in Europe), JAN (in Japan) and ISBN (for books).

Brand: brand or manufacturer of the product. It can be used as an Author attribute for books, as a Producer for electronics, or as a Brand for apparel.

These attributes are always available in the StoreFront control panel and can't be deleted. They can also be exported and imported via our CSV import tool. However, if you don't want to use them, you can hide them from your customers. Also, you can create your own product types with these attributes.

Creating Product Types

You can easily create new product types and add any attributes to the Catalog → Product types page.

You can change a product attribute's visibility using Show option opposite each of them.

Creating Product Attributes

You will find the Attributes tab on the product modify the page. All products are assigned to the General product type by default and have two (UPC and Brand) pre-set attributes there. You can use these attributes together with attributes of your own product type. When custom product type is selected, its attributes will be added to the default attributes.

Attributes with empty values will not be shown in the StoreFront.

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