App Store Overview

The Duda App Store allows you to add third-party applications to your site to extend existing functionality and features.


Legacy customers must upgrade to access the App Store.

To access the App Store:

  1. From the editor, click App Store.
    The first time you access the App Store, an informational message appears.
  2. To continue to the App Stores, click Check it out.
  3. Scroll through the list of available apps. For more information about a particular app, click the title.

Available Apps

Name Type Description White Label Pricing
vcita CRM vcita is a CRM that helps small businesses run their business more effectively. No Paid
Neustar Localeze Listing Localeze is a trusted business listings identity management provider for local search, providing businesses the tools to verify, manage and enhance the identity of their local listings online. No Paid
Uberall 'Near Me' App Listings and Reputation Management Uberall builds a comprehensive listing and sends it to directories and the Content Library. The top plan allows businesses to monitor and answer reviews in real-time, as well as to share location-relevant news, promotions, and events across multiple platforms. No


AudioEye Accessibility Eradicate barriers to digital accessibility with AudioEye. No Paid
Usercentrics Consent Management Usercentrics is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that allows businesses to obtain, manage, and document the consent of their site visitors to achieve GDPR and CCPA compliance. No Free, Paid
Agendize Scheduling The Agendize Online Appointment Scheduling app for App Store is designed to adapt to your business needs according to the type of services you offer while giving customers an easy and efficient way to book an appointment through online channels. No Paid

App Pricing

Pricing varies by app. Pricing may be:

  • Free
  • Monthly
  • Annual

Billing starts immediately after installation and is only billed to you, the agency.

App Store Permissions

Add Apps

To allow team members to add apps to sites and work with apps, grant them the Add apps permission. Note that granting this permission allows your team members to create app payments on your behalf, similar to the Publish and Purchase images permissions.

Clients are able to see the App Store only after you grant them Use apps permission and add a client-visible app to the site. Clients cannot see app prices and cannot upgrade apps.

View Apps

The View Apps permission allows team members to see all of the apps in the App Store and read about their capabilities. It does not allow for adding or removing apps from the site, nor does it allow opening apps that are already active on the site. 

This increases the exposure of apps to more people on your team, so they can see what’s available in the sites they are building. This new permission is added to the Admin and Designer permission groups by default. It can be added to any custom group that you’ve built, and will automatically enable the ‘Limited editing’ permission for that group as well.

For more information, see Manage Team Permissions.

App Store Support

Duda provides App Store support directly to agencies. If the app is not white label, end users and clients may go directly to the app for support.


How do I add an app to a site?

In the left panel, click App Store, and then click Add for the app you want to add and follow the steps in the wizard. Apps with a free/free trial plan will automatically be added to the site with the free/free trial plan. For apps with only paid plans, you would ask to choose a plan and confirm payments.

How do I access an app that was already added to a site?

In the left panel, click App Store, and then click Open on the app you want to access.

How do I remove an app?

In left panel, click App Store, Learn More on the app you want to remove, and then click Remove. Follow the steps to complete the process.

If the app is removed from a site and then re-added within 60 days, it will recover the data and configuration.

How do I upgrade an app?

In the left panel, click App Store, and then click Upgrade on the app and select the plan you want to upgrade to. For some apps, you can start the upgrade process only  from the app itself. For example, you can only upgrade the Neustar Localeze if you have an unclaimed listing with complete info in the app.

How do I downgrade an app?

This flow is currently not supported. You can remove the app and add it again with a lower plan.

Which actions can apps do on my sites?

Actions are listed under the Permissions tab in the app’s info. Click Learn More on the app card to see the app’s info.

I have several sites, do I need to install the app separately for each?


I want an app you don’t offer, can I ask for it?

Sure, please share your requests with us here.

Do I need to grant permission to team members in order to add apps or to use them?

Yes, team members need the ‘Add apps’ permission both to add apps and to access apps already added to sites.

Which apps can my clients see? What info can my clients see on apps?

Clients must have the ‘Use apps’ permission to access the App Store. Clients cannot see app prices and cannot see the list of recommended steps after adding an app. Clients will see the App Store only if a client-facing is already added to the site. Clients can see the active plan of the app and the plans higher than the active one.

Why can’t I see an app in the App Store?

Users need to have permission to see the App Store and its apps. Team members should be granted the ‘Add apps’ permissions, while clients should be granted the ‘Use apps’ permission. Clients will see the App Store only if a client-facing is already added to the site.

Can I remove an app from the App Store because I don’t want my team members to add or use it?

This feature is currently not supported. We plan to introduce it in the future.

Can team members install paid apps?


Do I pay for an app even if the site is not yet published/unpublished?

Yes. Site and app payments are independent of each other.

Can I have a monthly app subscription with an annual site and vice versa?

Yes. Site and app payments are independent of each other.

Where can I see payments for apps?

You’ll find your App payments on your Account payment screen. Go to the dashboard, click on your email address, and select Payment from the dropdown menu. App payments are also listed on invoices emailed to you.

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