Custom Branding

Brand your responsive or mobile preview tools and user login with your logo and company colors.

Add Custom Branding

  1. Log in to your account to access the Dashboard.
  2. On the White Label tab, click Custom Branding.


Click the logo image or the wrench () icon next to it to select a file to upload as your logo. The maximum resolution of the logo image is 43px by 227px (height by width). To remove the logo, click the trash can () icon.

Colors and Background

You can change the colors associated with the page text, links, buttons, and the header within your white-labeled portal. Click a tab in the preview section, and then click the color next to one of the options and select a color.


Some of the colors only affect some of the sections of your portal. For example, there are no text, link, or button fields in the preview sections of your portal. Those sections do not allow you to modify the colors associated with text, buttons, or links.

For the Site Preview and Mobile-Only Preview sections, there is an additional option for selecting a background image. To add an image, click the wrench () icon under the Background section.


Setting a background image overrides any background colors you may have set.

When selecting any color, there is an option to click More Colors and use the Color Picker or enter a hex value to select a color.

Custom HTML and CSS

To add your own custom branding using HTML or CSS, click the Custom CSS or Custom HTML links. After adding code, click Save.


Our support team does not troubleshoot custom CSS or HTML.

Preview Frames

To preview how the settings look when viewing the live pages, click a tab in the preview section.

Each tab displays a preview of a page with the customizations applied to it. The pages are:

Login Where your clients log in to their dashboard.
Sites Dashboard Where your clients view their sites and stats.
Editor Where your clients edit their sites.
Site Preview The preview link you send your clients.
Mobile-Only Editor Where your clients edit their sites.
Mobile-Only Preview The preview link you send your clients.

After making any changes, click Save.

For more information about custom branding using HTML, see Custom Branding HTML.

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