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After creating a Dynamic Page, the next step is to connect your widgets. Each element of your Dynamic Page should be connected to a field in the collection. To see a list of supported widgets and data types, see Connected Data.


The Video widget is only available in Dynamic Pages. Multi-location and Social widgets are only available in Connected Data.

To connect a widget:

  1. Right-click the widget you want to connect, and select Connect to Data.
  2. Select the field from your collection using the drop down (only relevant fields are shown).
  3. Select Done.

The Connected Data () icon appears on the widget indicating that it is connected.

To change the connection:

  1. Right-click the widget, and click Connected Data. Select one of the following:
    • Change connection. Select a different field to connect to the widget.
    • Edit in Content Library. Edit the connected field in the Content Library.
    • Disconnect. Disconnect the widget from the connected data. 

If you convert a Dynamic Page to a regular page all connected widgets will disconnect, requiring you to reconnect them if you convert it back into a Dynamic Page.

Change Collections

In Dynamic Page Settings you can change the collection. When you do this, it keeps the page widgets connected to field names/labels that exist in both collections.

For example, if you have a collection with fields named name, address & phone and you change to a collection with fields named address and phone, the widgets connected to address & phone will remain connected and display the data from the new collection, while the widget connected to name will be disconnected because it does not exist in the new collection.

Connect Custom Widgets

Custom widgets that support Connected Data can also be connected. Make sure Enable binding to Connected Data is toggled on for any custom widget you want to connect for Dynamic Pages.

The final step is to add a List, Gallery or Image Slider widget to your site so users can navigate to the Dynamic Pages. For more information, see Add a List to Display Dynamic Pages.

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