Multi-Lingual Store


Multilingual stores make it easy to build online stores in multiple languages, automatically connecting them to the same language in your website.

Setup a Multilingual Store

To create a new store:

  1. Set up a multi-language site in Duda. For details on how to do this, see this article.
  2. Add an Advanced Store or higher to your site.
  3. Go to Store PanelàSetting àGeneral àRegional Settings. In the Storefront Languages section, click ManageLanguages and select the languages you want (there are 51 to choose from).
  4. Add translations for the products, categories and labels.
  5. Publish your site.
  6. When visitors switch languages on your site and go to the store, they'll automatically see the store in that language.

For an existing store:

If you already have a store on your site and want to make it multilingual, here’s all you have to do:

  1. Go to Store Panel àSettings àWhat’s New.
  2. Enable the Multilingual feature.
  3. Continue from Step 3, above.

Full Integration

In addition to seeing the translated texts of store products and categories, site visitors will also see all default store elements (Add to Cart, Go to Checkout, etc.) in the translated language. Any notifications sent from the store to site visitors will also be translated.

This feature is available to all clients with the Advanced Store and higher, making it a great incentive to upgrade.

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