Text Editor

Use text tools to change the look of a Text or Title widget. Change the font, color, alignment and style of text using a simple editing interface. This lets you quickly make style changes to specific text on your site to highlight key points and organize information.

To add text to your site, in the left panel, click Widgets, and then click and drag the Text widget into your site and start typing.


Existing text in your site can be edited using the old text editor, with the option to update to the new editor. All new text except templates and sections will be edited using the new text editor. Templates and sections will be edited using the old text editor.

Old Text Editor

To edit text on your site:

  1. Click the text you want to edit to open editing mode.
  2. Select the text you want to edit by clicking and dragging over the text.
  3. Use the inline editing options in the bar above the text to edit text styles, sizes, fonts, alignment, or add links.

Add Bullet and Number Lists

Create a bullet or number list using the text tools inside the Text widget. Lists are a good way to group content, features, or products so that visitors can quickly understand and compare information.

To add a bullet or number list:

  1. Click the text you want to make into a list.
  2. Highlight the text, and click the Bullet list(bullet_list.png) or Number list (number_list.png) icon on the text toolbar.
  3. To create nested bullets and lists, press the Tab button on your keyboard. The bullet or number is shown indented to the right.
    You can have multiple nested bullet and number lists.

Design Editor

To access the design editor, right-click the text widget, and click Edit Design. The default text design is based on the global design settings. Any changes to specific text overrides the global design settings. For more information, see Global Text.

For information about design options that are not specific to this widget (for example, layout, style, or spacing), see Widget Design. To learn more about the fonts that we offer, see Fonts.

New Text Editor

A new version of the text editor has been added to the editor for use on all text widgets (Large Title H1, Small Title H3, and paragraph). This editor includes improved technology for increased stability, a wider range customization, and more.


Update to New Text Editor

The new text editor includes improved technology for increased stability, a wider range of available text sizes (up to 500px), allows you to use different text styles within the same element, and more.


Existing text in your site can be edited using the old text editor, with the option to update to the new editor. All new text will be edited using the new text editor.

To upgrade and use the new text editor:

  1. Click the text you want to edit to open editing mode.
  2. On the text editor, click Update text editor.
  3. On the confirmation message, click to confirm you want to upgrade.

After confirming the update, you will not have the option to revert to the old text editor.

Send Feedback

To send feedback on the text editor:

  1. Click the Send Feedback icon in the editor.
  2. Select the type of feedback from the list, and type a description. You have the following options:
    • Bug
    • Suggestion
    • Question
    • Other
  3. Click Send feedback.

Clients will not see the option to send feedback with the new text editor.

Text Styles and Size Improvements

The following improvements have been made:

  • More available text sizes. Up to 500 px.
  • Multiple types of text contained in a single text element. For example, Heading 2s, paragraph, and Heading 3s can all be used in the same element.
  • Select font weight within the list. Point to a font in the list to select a font weight (normal, bold) for the font.
  • Copy and paste works externally and internally. Pasting from both external locations and within the editor (internal) applies the global text styles and any inline styles that were applied to the text in the editor. Bold, underline, and italic are maintained from the copied text.
  • Custom line height. In addition to the existing default line heights, you can now choose a custom line height.
  • Specify letter spacing. To select letter spacing, click the three dots icon in the inline text editor, and select from the following:
    • Auto
    • Narrow (-0.05)
    • Wide (0.2)
    • Custom (between -2 and 0.5 in increments of .01)
  • Shadow. Select the color and position.
  • Strike-through text.
  • Connect text to data. Click the connected data icon in the inline text editor.


Due to HTML5 best practices, we do not allow updates to the HTML of the text with a non-supported tag.

To add a specific style to the text, we recommend adding it to the CSS.

The following tags are supported via developer mode: img, sub, sup, blockquote, code


The following may cause the update to the new text editor to fail:

  • Custom code where the HTML is not valid.
  • Maximum site CSS storage capacity has been reached.

If your text contains certain tags that are not supported, you may not see the option to upgrade the editor. The following tags are not supported: form, svg, iframe, audio, canvas, dialog, embed, hr, input, map, picture, select, textarea, range, table, progress, script, ins, style.


  • There is no option to add a list with heading text.
  • Bullets of items in a list that have more than one fonts size will use the global design size.
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