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As you have discovered, we launched a new Duda support portal! The new portal has been entirely redesigned with your success in mind. This means improved SEO, targeted content to find answers fast, and a new look and feel to improve your user experience. It is also now available in Portuguese (as well as English and Spanish).

We believe these changes are going to help you build better sites faster and provide top-notch services to the clients that depend on you for their digital presence.

What's New?

Content and Structure

Not only has the content been reviewed, updated, and optimized for SEO, but it has also been re-organized to enable you to more efficiently locate the information you need. For example, the new Widgets section has been organized into categories for easier browsing, and a brand new Troubleshooting and FAQs section has been added to help you quickly locate answers to commonly asked questions.


Look and Feel

In addition to updated content, we have also added a new design to not only improve the look but also your user experience. This includes new notes, tips, and warnings that have been added throughout the content to ensure you do not miss any key information while working in the platform.


Notes give you important information quickly.


Tips give you helpful advice.


Warnings ensure you don't miss critical information.

SSO and Help Widget

If you haven't noticed, single-sign on between our support portal and your duda.co account has been enabled, which means you can seamlessly interact with both the Duda platform and our help content, including viewing your open support tickets in the portal. Additionally, our new help widget, which is available both in the editor and on the support portal, streamlines your requests into a single workflow, ensuring your help requests get routed to the right support channel and resolved as quickly as possible. This is the easiest and best way to contact Duda for help.

We are constantly working to enhance our support content and help you maximize your skill, efficiency, and ability on the Duda platform, so be on the look-out for even more improvements. Also, feel free to provide feedback via the Feedback on this Article section so we can continue to make our support portal even better.

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