Duda Response to COVID-19

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, and have a global impact, we want to inform you of some of the steps Duda is taking to help.

This new reality is forcing us to keep our distance from our colleagues and clients, making teamwork more challenging and time-consuming. Duda's platform was designed with agencies in mind, so our built-in remote collaboration features can help manage team projects efficiently and maintain engaging client relationships, even in times like these.

What We Can Do to Help

  • Starting immediately, our Site Comments feature will be available for team, agency, legacy pro, and enterprise plans for 3 months for up to 1000 clients (ends on June 30, 2020). For more information, see Site Comments.
  • We are offering one free annual site for existing customers or one free annual Basic plan for new customers that are building an informational site related to COVID-19. To take advantage of this offer, Submit Your Site. For more information, see Free Informational Site Related to COVID-19.
  • Take a look at our white label presentation with particular actions agencies can take for and with their small business customers. Just add your logo and share with your clients.
  • We have collected facts every business owner needs to know, and suggestions for steps agencies and small businesses can take to mitigate Coronavirus impact. See our blog post, Coronavirus Impact on Small Business and Agencies.
  • We released and will continue to release tips and tricks to help our agencies support their communities and shift more businesses to online. See our blog post on How to Set Up a Restaurant Website with an Online Ordering System During COVID-19.

As always, take advantage of the Support Portal. The following may be useful as you need to make changes to your site:

We hope this time will pass quickly, and hope soon we can all continue with our much missed routine. Until then, please stay at home and stay safe.


Through good times and through challenging ones, Duda is committed to providing top quality service to agencies at large.

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