Access your Control Panel at and select the domain you want to point to the site.

  1. Click Editar Zona.
  2. Then click Modo Avançado.
  3. Confirm by clicking Sim.
  4. The system will be temporarily unavailable, for a few seconds, while the servers are in transition. Reload the page every 30 seconds until the screen is released.

  5. Click Nova Entrada to start recording the records:
  6. Add the 3 entries required for pointing the DNS:
    • A Records
      • First A Record: Host / Alias: @ Target / Destination:
      • Second A Record: Host / Alias: @ Target / Destination:
    • CNAME
      • Host: www Points to:
  7. After adding the 3 records, click Salvar:

In a few minutes your website will be live.

To check DNS propagation, we recommend

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