Certification Exams

To receive your certification, check out Duda University.

How many questions are on the certification exam?

Duda Certification exams contain 60 multiple choice questions which are randomly selected from a pool of questions and included in your exam. It includes standard multiple choice and multi-select (that is, select all that apply) questions.

The alternatives are randomized and there are four alternative answers to the multiple choice questions, of which one or more are correct.


The number of questions on an exam is subject to change as we update it over time to keep current with changes in the technology and job role.

How much time will I have to complete the exam?

You will have 90 minutes to complete each certification exam.


The exam time is subject to change as we update it over time to keep current with changes in the technology and job role.

When will my certification exam be graded?

You'll answer 60 random multiple choice items and a score of 70% or higher is needed to pass. You'll receive your score automatically and immediately after you complete the exam. If you pass, we will include instructions on how to publish your certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

I didn't pass my exam. Can I take it again?

Yes, you can take the exam multiple times. If you do not pass the exam, we encourage you to use resources in the University and Support portal to study up and try again.

Can I have the questions and answers to my exam?

No, the questions and answers from the exam are not shared to maintain the integrity of the exam and ensure Duda Certifications are a valuable asset to all who take the time to earn one.

I never received an email after taking the test

Ensure the confirmation email doesn't end up in your spam or junk email folder. Additionally, if you have unsubscribed from any Duda email, you may not receive the certification-related email.

To ensure you have the correct notification configuration in Duda University, go to your Duda University account, and in the upper right corner click My Profile. This page lists your courses and certifications. Check Receive Notifications next to your certifications.

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