Widget Builder

To learn more, check out Building Custom Widgets on Duda University.

The Widget Builder allows you to build your own custom widgets and make them available to your customers. You can design widgets which look and act exactly like all other widget within the website builder. Whether you are looking to integrate an additional service (for example, scheduling, chat) into your customers' sites or provide a new element (for example, testimonials, table) a custom widget is where to get started.

A custom widget is composed of any of combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. For more information, see the Developer Documentation.

To create a new custom widget:

  1. From the Dashboard, click Team, and then click Widget Builder.
  2. Click Create New Widget.
  3. Type a name for the widget, and click Start building.

Content Editor

When developing widgets, you can choose input options of each widget. This allows you to use standard inputs, such as text, images, links, lists and more. For more information, see the Developer Documentation.

Design Editor

Similar to the Content Editor, you can choose which high-level content inputs you would like to use for your widgets. These allow you to get fully functional widgets for designing HTML elements like text, background, element dimensions, and more. These design inputs allow you to assign a custom CSS selector to define which HTML elements on the page will be assigned these values directly. For more information, see the Developer Documentation.

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