Configure Delivery Time Picker

Now your customers can pick a convenient delivery date and time when placing an order in your store. It’s a win-win: customers don’t have to contact you for details, and you don’t spend time on repetitive questions, and can manage orders more efficiently.

This setting not only makes your customer journey more comfortable, but it also allows you to collect pre-orders. Knowing a delivery date in advance is especially helpful if you sell products for special occasions—for example, birthday cakes or flowers.

You can choose to ask for both a delivery date and time at checkout, or for the delivery date only.


Time options are displayed in the time zone configured in the Regional Settings of the Store Control Panel.

Set Up Delivery Time Picker

To configure the delivery time picker tool for local delivery:

  1. In the side panel, click eCommerce and then click Manage Store.
  2. Click Shipping & Pickup, and select the local delivery option you want to edit.
  3. Scroll to Delivery Operating Hours and enable the toggle.
  4. Select the days and times when the delivery options should be available. You can add multiple operating hour intervals for one day.
  5. Scroll to and enable the Ask for delivery date and time at checkout toggle.
  6. Select how you want to limit the delivery time choice: by date only or by date and time.
  7. If you choose to ask for a date and time, specify the Delivery time slot length from the drop-down.
  8. To allow customers to order and receive same day delivery, enable the Same-day delivery toggle. Additionally, select a time from the Cutoff for same-day delivery drop-down.
  9. To specify the time it takes from placing an order to its delivery, add an Order fulfillment time. You can leave this field empty if orders are ready in the same moment they are placed.
  10. Click Save.

To check the information about delivery date and time picked by customers, go to the Orders page in your Control Panel. You’ll see the information about the order delivery time on each order card on that page.

You can search local delivery orders on the Orders page by delivery date and time to see what orders should be fulfilled first. To do that, click Filter and then click Pickup or delivery date and time.

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