Custom Branding

Custom branding allows you to make the entire platform your own by customizing it with your logo and colors so clients see your brand everywhere.

Available on Team plan and higher

To learn more, check out Custom Branding on Duda University.

Set Up Custom Branding

  1. Log in to your account to access the Dashboard.
  2. On the White Label tab, click Custom Branding.


In the side panel, click + logo to select a file to upload as your logo. The maximum resolution of the logo image is 43px by 227px (height by width). To remove the logo, click Delete or click Replace to upload a new file.

The logo displays on the login page, dashboard, editor, and on preview pages.


In the side panel, click Replace to upload a favicon image. To revert to the default image, click Reset to default.

For best results, upload a .png, .jpeg, or .ico file that is 16x16 or 32x32 px.

Choose Your Colors

You can change the colors of certain elements in your client’s platform by default. Changing the colors dynamically updates the previews provided for the editor, login page, site overview, site preview, and site list. There are four colors that you can customize:

  • Top Bar is the color of your client’s top bar across the platform. We suggest using a prominent color but keep in mind this is a toolbar, so choose a color that won’t overwhelm your users as they look for the icons or tools they need in their dashboard or editor.

  • Primary is the background color of your main CTA (call to action) button across the platform as well as other prominent elements.

  • Text on Primary is the color of the text that appears on anything customized to match your Primary color setting. Make sure there is a strong contrast between your Primary and Text on Primary colors.

  • Secondary is the color of additional generally clickable elements that are not necessarily the primary action on the screen. The secondary color is used for elements that are displayed on a white background. Use a color that has a good contrast against a white background.

After making any changes, click Save Changes.

Preview Your Changes

To preview your custom branding settings, the Custom Branding page provides the following screens with your changes. To view a specific page, click the page or select the page from the drop-down.

LoginWhere your clients log in to their dashboard.
Sites DashboardWhere your clients view their sites and stats.
Site OverviewWhere your clients view their sites and stats.
EditorWhere your clients edit their sites.
Site PreviewThe preview link you send to your clients.

Custom HTML and CSS


This feature is only available on Custom plans. For more information, see Plans.

To add your own custom branding using HTML or CSS, in the side panel, click HTML/CSS. After adding code, click Save.

For more information about custom branding using HTML, see Add Custom Branding HTML and CSS.


Our support team does not troubleshoot custom CSS or HTML.

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