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Duda’s Search Console App helps your content and website get discovered and indexed by Google faster. It enables users to quickly verify their website with Google Search Console and submit the sitemap into Google Search Console, for indexing by Google.

This App will expand in the future to also pull analytics from Google Search Console and display them in the app, and leverage other useful Google tools to help you build a website and get more traffic for that site.


The Search Console app is free with no future plans to add a paid tier.

Resale Pricing Recommendations

The Search Console app is free for Duda customers to use and leverage. You should use it as part of a broader SEO strategy you’re implementing on the website in question.


  • Connect your website to your Google account

  • Verify the website with Google Site Verification

  • Create a Google Search Console Profile, in your Google account, for the website

  • Automatically submit the sitemap (and resubmit) upon publishing

Common Questions

This seems like a small app. Is there anything else?

Nope! Not right now. The goal is to be simple. In the future, we’ll add features to pull in data and analytics and do as much as possible with getting the website visible in search engines.

Are there known limitations?

The Search Console app only works with the primary/custom domain on the website. If you're publishing a website on the sub/default domain, it will not work. It can only verify for the primary domain.

I want to change the domain, can I do that?

Right now the Search Console app does not support changing of the domain after it’s setup. But, as a work around, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it. This will delete all saved settings from before and allow you to set it up for a new domain.

Are there any other requirements?

This app requires that you have a Google Account to login to. It automatically creates a new website within Google Search console on your behalf, so, you need to log in to your Google account during setup.

What about non-secured websites?

The Search Console app assumes that your website will be served over https. When it creates the site profile in your Google Search Console account, it will create it with https by default and does not support a non-secured website. That being said, there’s no difference to Google.

Additional Resources

For more information, see About Search Console.

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