Snipcart Acquisition FAQs

Duda has acquired Snipcart, a leading headless eCommerce platform, in order to expand our eCommerce offering. In the next few months Duda will be working hard to integrate Snipcart’s eCommerce technology to the Duda platform.

What are the product advantages of Snipcart vs the current eCommerce plans?

Our new eCommerce offering will provide improved performance and SEO enhancements while delivering flexibility in both the solution and design. Additionally, we will have a robust API, improved invoices, multi-lingual support, a custom payment gateway API, and so much more. Over time, this new integration will allow for better reporting, subscription purchasing, improved refund processes, and full flexibility over integrating external product catalog and inventory management systems.

What will happen to existing stores after the release of the Snipcart integration?

Once the Snipcart integration is available, existing stores will remain on the current eCommerce plans. We are still in the process of solidifying a plan for newly created stores.


Duda will continue to support all stores on current eCommerce plans. New features will continually be added to the current eCommerce plans and supported as well.

When do you expect Snipcart integration to be launched?

Duda and Snipcart have already started work on the integration, which is expected to be released in early 2022.

Can I migrate my current store to the new Snipcart integration?

A timeline has not yet been determined to allow for migrations from the current eCommerce plan to Snipcart.

How does the Snipcart acquisition affect the current roadmap for eCommerce features? Will development focus solely on the Snipcart integration?

Going forward, side-by-side with investing in the Snipcart integration, we will continue to roll out new features and prioritize bugs for the current eCommerce plans.

What security audits has Snipcart gone through?

Snipcart is in compliance with PCI-DSS. Additionally, Snipcart does not store or process any credit card data, but instead uses technologies like Stripe Elements for credit card fields.

Will there be any changes in the plans and pricing offered?

The plans and pricing options will likely differ from the current eCommerce plans. However, we are unable to provide specifics at this time.

Will there be additional eCommerce Apps, integrations, and shipping and payment options available with the Snipcart integration?

The primary focus will be to expand our App Store to include eCommerce apps such as marketplace integrations, payment gateway, and so on.

Can I still contact Duda’s Support Team for the new Snipcart integration? Or does Snipcart have their own support?

The Snipcart integration will be supported by the Duda Support Team. For more information, see How to Contact Support.

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