How do I get an Image to Show up as the Right Size?

Each time you upload an image the Duda platform creates up to five reduced-size copies of the image and automatically inserts the appropriate image into the desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of your site.

Image Sizes

Image TypeImage Width

The platform will not increase the size of an uploaded image - it will only create images that are smaller than the original uploaded image.


To optimize image sizes for your site:

  • Only upload images as large as they are intended to be used (for example, if the image is going to appear as 300px by 300px on the site, do not upload it as a 4000px by 4000px image)
  • The maxium image size cannot exceed 3,145,728 pixels
  • Be aware of aspect ratios, as 16:9 images look great on desktop but appear too small on mobile. In this case:
    • Use the Hide on Device feature to create specific versions of the image for each device
    • Resize the image dimensions to fit - size changes are device independent
    • Icons generally use a 1:1 ratio
    • Favicons require a 1:1 ratio
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