Duda's Idea Board

Duda’s Idea Board is where you can tell us about the features and capabilities you want and need in the Duda platform, get status updates, workarounds and comments about your requests directly from the Duda team.

We will take into consideration every request that you make, and balance it with other requests and features we are developing, in order to make Duda an innovative and productive platform for all of our users. The fact that a request has many votes doesn't automatically mean we’ll add it to our To Do list, but it does give us information about what you're struggling with, and helps us prioritize and / or find solutions to the issues you’ve encountered.


The board doesn’t represent Duda’s roadmap, nor does it reflect everything that’s being worked on.

Board Glossary

Here are some of the terms you’ll see on the Idea Board.

  • Idea. Initial feature request added to the board.
  • Category. Topic that the idea is connected to. Make sure to choose the most accurate category, so that we can respond to it as soon as possible.
  • Comment. Further information, elaboration, or responses from other users or Duda employees on the idea.
  • Vote. A way to show that you like an idea and would probably use it.
  • Status. Where the idea stands in the development process. See more on status labels below.

How it works

Have an idea? Post it on the board and choose the most appropriate category for it. Please be as specific as possible so we understand exactly what you mean. Images and examples are helpful, so add them if you can. If we need more information about an idea you’ve posted, we may contact you about it.

Product Managers at Duda check this board on a regular basis and reply/label new ideas within 5 working days. See more on status labels below. Product Managers won’t necessarily reply to every comment added to an idea.

Any time an idea’s status is updated, anyone who posted, voted, or commented on the idea will automatically be notified. You can define your notification settings in the Idea Board > Settings tab. If a customer success representative or account manager posts an idea on your behalf, they can use your email address so you get notified whenever the idea is updated.

Before you add an idea, check to see if a similar one already exists. If it does, vote for it and we’ll know you’re interested in it too. If you’ve got something to add to the idea, please do so by adding a comment. We’ll consolidate similar ideas into a single one.

See an idea that you like? Vote for it or add a comment. That’s how we’ll know the idea interests you, too.

Who sees the Idea board?

This is a private board, so it’s only visible to Duda direct customers. Clients using a white labeled version of Duda won’t be able to access it. Because it’s visible to all Duda customers, make sure you don’t include any private information.

Status Labels

Every idea that’s posted is given one of the following status labels:

  • Already exists. Idea already exists as a Duda feature.
  • Consideration. Idea has been received and is under consideration.
  • Backlog. Idea we plan to develop but do not have a timeline for yet
  • In progress. Actively in the design or development stage.
  • In beta. A beta version is currently available to select users.
  • Completed. Development of this feature has been completed.
  • Declined. Doesn’t align with our current product vision.

Once the status of an idea changes, it is updated by the Product Manager. So, for example, when we start working on an idea with the status Backlog, we will change the status to In progress.

What to post on this board

This board is the place for you to post ideas / feature requests / capabilities suggestions on how to make Duda better and more useful to you. You can also comment on existing ideas and help people who have posted ideas if you have any suggestions or solutions.

What not to post on this board

The board doesn’t replace our support team. If you want to report a bug or have an issue with an existing feature, visit our Support Portal or contact our support team.

Do not post offensive, irrelevant or inaccurate comments. If any such comments are added, we will delete them.

Please communicate in a respectable and productive way. Ideas that are rude, inappropriate, or include personal attacks will be deleted. No politics, no spam, no trolls. Any ideas of this type will be deleted.

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