Does the Store offer SSL or HTTPS?

The store already transfer all sensitive information via secure HTTPS protocol. You do not need to get an SSL certificate to get a secure checkout—you already have it.


You can add SSL/HTTPS to the rest of your site with our SSL feature.


To show the checkout is secure, the store shows an image of a padlock on the checkout page.

Credit Card Information

The Store does not collect your customers' credit card information. That information is not collected, stored, or processed in any way. The supported payment gateways process your customers' payment information. These payment processors can be divided into two groups based on the way they interact with your store.

  • Payments on the payment processor’s secure page. When a customer places an order, the order information is sent to the payment processor and securely redirects the customer to the payment gateway’s web page where they enter their credit card information. When payment is complete, the payment processor sends a reply confirming payment.
  • Payments completed without leaving the store page. Some payment processors (Stripe, Square, and so on) are integrated differently. With these payment processors, customers are not redirected. Instead, they see a payment form right on the store’s checkout page.
    In this case, the store works within a customer’s browser. This way, when a customer enters their credit card information, the data is not transferred to the server where your website or store is located. Your store connects directly to the payment gateway via a highly secure channel and sends a request with the order information. This information is not transferred to the store servers, does not pass through, and is not stored by us. The payment gateway performs all operations with this data and returns a callback confirming payment.

PCI DSS Certified

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and the Store is a PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service Provider. This is the highest international standard for secure data exchanges for online stores and payment systems.

For additional fraud prevention in your store, enable billing address requirements.

  1. In the side panel of the editor, click eCommerce, and then click Manage Store.
  2. Click Settings, General, and then click Cart & Checkout.
  3. Under Checkout Settings, enable the Ask for a billing address during checkout toggle.
    Requiring a billing address helps to prevent possible fraudulent transactions.
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