Enterprise Account Payments for the App Store

The App Store allows you easy access to powerful and deeply integrated 3rd party applications. These applications are billed through Duda so you don’t need to manage payments for many different applications across each website you have with Duda.

Apps purchased through the App Store will be billed based on when you start the subscription, not based on when the site is published. This means:

  • Any time an app is purchased or renewed, you will be billed for the entire period of that subscription. This means that even if you cancel it before the end of the month, you will still be billed for that application
  • Subscriptions for products or services purchased in the App Store can start or be renewed whether or not your site is published.
  • The subscription cycle for that App runs based on the date you start:
    • For monthly subscriptions, if you add an app on the 12th of a month, the subscription runs through the 12th. This means you have until the end of the day on the 11th to cancel it to not be billed for the next month. If you cancel it on the 13th, you’d be billed for the entire month after.
    • For annual subscriptions, if you purchase annually, you’ll be billed for the entire year up front. The yearly subscription goes for a full year. It will need to be canceled before the renewal date to prevent a charge for the next year.

These changes apply only for App Store purchases and not for other types of charges such as sites, eCommerce, or site comments. Pricing for each application will vary and can be found within the product before you purchase them.

With these new additions, you will also see changes to the way your billing report looks each month. The spreadsheet shared with you will include information on subscription periods for apps and detail covering which sites they are associated with for easier reconciliation. You’ll see these new changes on your invoice for January activity.

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