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Neustar Localeze enables businesses to manage their online identity by claiming, reviewing, and enhancing business listing information from one easy-to-use tool. Business listings are published to the largest local search platform network in the industry, including Google, Apple Maps, Yahoo, Bing, TomTom, and Through Neustar’s direct, authoritative relationships with over 90 search platforms, directories, navigation services, mobile apps, and social sites, listings are displayed accurately and consistently across all the ways that consumers search.

By using Neustar  Localeze to manage your business listings you can:

  • Sync your Duda business contact information with your Neustar Localeze business listings.
  • Protect the online identity and reputation of your brand.
  • Ensure your customers get the right information about your business, no matter where or how they search.
  • Communicate verified information about your business for top placement and improved search ranking.
  • Optimize your time and money spent on marketing by getting the right information out there to bring in customers.
  • Provide the key information that customers are looking for to optimize your listings to be their first choice.

Ensure your logo is uploaded to Business Images. This logo is sent to directories when you use Neustar Localeze. To upload your logo, in the left panel click Content, and then click Business Images. For more information, see Manage and Import Content.

For more detailed information about Neustar Localeze, as well as different assets and collateral, see the resource center.


After installing the Neustar Localeze application, a list of your locations synced from your Duda content library to Neustar Localeze appear. Once you complete the setup for your listings, you will be presented with an option to claim and upgrade your listings to the Neustar Localeze service. Neustar Localeze pricing is as follows:

Number of LocationsPrice per LocationTotal Price
2 $6.99/mo$13.99

Resell Recommendations

  • Recommendation: Bundle with SEO services

We recommend leveraging localeze as a background service that helps with local SEO. This means that you charge your client for an SEO package and include this as part of a bigger bundle of services & tools to help clients be visible in search.

Silver$7.99/mo$79/yr ($6.50/mo)
Gold$13.99/mo$158/yr ($13.17/mo)
Platinum$18.99/mo$237/yr ($19.75/mo)


  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Reduce administrative burden by managing your listing information across 90+ local search platforms from a single dashboard.
  • Data Updates Across the Ecosystem: Neustar Localeze distributes your business listings to the largest authorized local search network, including over 90 search platforms, directories, navigation services, mobile apps and social sites.
  • Quality Data: Listing data is validated and optimized leveraging Neustar Localeze’s 12+ years of experience working with local search partners.
  • Enhance Listings: Add information such as hours, products and services available to ensure customers find the information they expect when searching.
  • Sync Directly to Google: The Neustar Localeze Google My Business integration allows you to manage your business listing's presence across all Google properties.

Common Questions

Listing Management

What reporting is available for my business listing?

Google My Business insights are available via the Neustar Localeze Reporting section for business listings that have been verified through the Localeze Google My Business integration. The available reporting includes:

  • How consumers are finding your business on Google
  • Where consumers are viewing your business on Google
  • What actions consumers are taking when interacting with your listing on Google

If your business is new to Google, the Reporting section may take up to 72 hours to populate with data.

What directories does Neustar Localeze distribute my business information to?

Neustar Localeze publishes your business listing information to over 90 local search platforms including the top search engines, mobile applications, and navigation systems. This includes Google, Apple, Yahoo, Bing, TomTom,, and many more.

The Neustar Localeze distribution network reaches the largest percentage of U.S. consumer searches for local products and services, putting your local business in front of consumers ready to buy the products and services you offer. Our network spans local search applications from desktop and mobile, to social, industry-specific search engines, navigational and other specialty sites covering up to 95% of where over 3.4 Billion monthly local searches occur.

How long does it take for my business listing to be updated throughout the Neustar Localeze distribution network?

Most Neustar Localeze distribution partners process and publish listing updates within 30 to 90 days from the date the update is made. However, Neustar Localeze does not control when or what content our distribution partners decide to publish for your business listing, with the exception of Google. Through Neustar Localeze’s Google My Business integration listing information is updated typically within a few minutes. In order to take advantage of this feature, you must verify and sync your listing with Google via the Neustar Localeze application.

What should I do if my business listing information is incorrect at one of the Neustar Localeze publisher partners?

Most Neustar Localeze distribution partners process and publish Localeze listing updates within 30 to 90 days from the date the update is made. Our distribution partners make the decision regarding what information they publish for a listing. These partners work diligently to publish the correct information for a listing, but occasionally invalid data in the local search ecosystem results in the wrong information being displayed. If your business listing is still not updated after 90 days we advise contacting the site directly and communicating what information needs to be updated.

What happens if I terminate my Neustar Localeze service?

When you terminate your Neustar Localeze service you are no longer actively managing the data associated with your listing. When that occurs, we stop indicating to our publishing partners that the business owner is managing the listing. We will continue publishing the listing with the best known information we have for the business however we can no longer certify accuracy to our partners which will influence their publication and search ranking decisions.

What are the best practices for managing my business listing information?

Here are a few of the best practices for managing your business listing data:

  1. Communicate consistent information for your business's name, address, and phone number
    • Name – Use the real world name for your business everywhere you market your company. This includes your storefront, business cards, and print and online directories. Consistent branding for your business helps customers find it easily and prevents duplicate listings from being created. Do not include keywords, emails, website addresses, or symbols in your business name that are not part of your standard branding.
    • Address - Providing consistent and accurate address information for your business is critical to ensure that consumers can find it at the correct location. Submit the physical location for the address of your business. Do not include landmarks, cross streets, shopping center names, directional information, or names of other businesses nearby. If you are a business with a sensitive address you can choose to hide your street address from display within the Localeze interface.
    • Phone - Provide a primary phone number for your listing that when dialed directly connects to the business. Whenever possible use a local phone number instead of a central phone number
  2. Choose the most relevant category for your business. Select the most relevant category for your business listing to ensure that it is indexed accurately by search engines and appears in relevant search results. Do not include multiple categories to try and cover all of the products and services you offer. For example, if you operate a Department Store you would want to choose the category “department store” instead of selecting a category for each department present at the store such as shoes and sporting goods. Use the Localeze keyword field to highlight the specific products and services your business offers.
  3. Add enhanced content to your listing. Consumers are typically looking for a specific attribute of a business when searching online. When is the business open? Does it offer this service? Does it have this amenity? Add this enhanced content to your business listing to ensure that all the data about your business can be found at consumers’ fingertips.
  4. Keep your listing current. Maintaining current information for your listing such as updated photos and seasonal hours of operation will drive more attention to your listing and increase the confidence of search platforms that the business is active.

How will completing more details for my business listing improve visibility and findability?

Most local search results are driven by business listings. The more details you add to your listing the greater the chance your business will appear in relevant search results, making it easier for consumers to find you. When optimizing for local search, keep in mind that users typically perform recovery searches or discovery searches.

  • Recovery Searches. Consumers perform recovery searches when they are trying to locate information about a business that they know exists but are uncertain about specifics such as the business’s phone number, hours of operation or address. For example, a consumer may search for “Macy's Tyson's Corner, VA” to locate the exact store address and hours of operation.
  • Discovery Searches. Consumers perform discovery searches when they know the geographic area where they want to find a product or service, but don't know which business will meet their particular need. For example, if a consumer would like to locate a pizza restaurant in near their area but are unsure of the name of specific pizza restaurants they might search for “pizza restaurants Dupont Circle Washington, DC.”

Why must I pick from standardized categories?

The Neustar Localeze standardized category list makes it easier for search platforms to properly classify your business. This helps consumers find you by business category when they are searching for a business, product or service in their local area. Neustar Localeze has performed a category mapping process with each distribution partner to ensure that listings appear in relevant search results on their platforms.

If there are additional categories that you would like associated with your listing that are not included within our standardized list, please use the keywords section to include these details.

Why shouldn't I use a P.O. Box for my business listing address?

A physical address should be included in local business listings when possible, because some search platforms do not recognize P.O. Box numbers. Businesses with only a P.O. Box number should provide the physical address that was used to set up the P.O. Box.

If your business does not have a physical location, and is specific to a service area instead, you may indicate that you would like your address to be hidden by checking the "Hide street address" option in the Localeze interface.

Why shouldn't I use tracking phone numbers for my business phone number?

Tracking phone numbers may cause a listing to appear inconsistently or with duplicates across local search sites and mobile apps. Call tracking phone numbers may be utilized in paid advertisements, but businesses should be cautious of improper use that can confuse a business listing's identity. All listings submitted to Localeze should include your business's physical contact information without any tracking information.

Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Google Search and Google Maps. Managing your business listing at Localeze enables you to update your content at Google as well as our 90+ other local search platforms all from one place.

How can I sync my listing to Google?

On your listing management page within the Neustar Localeze interface, click “Link my Business to Google.” You will be prompted to log into your Google account. If you already have a Google My Business listing, log into Google using your Google account associated with that listing. After logging in, grant Localeze the ability to make updates to your business listing on your behalf. This will allow Localeze to update your Google listing with the information you provided to Neustar Localeze. You will then be directed through several steps to verify your listing with Google. Once verification is complete, your business listing will be active on Google Search and Google Maps.

How long will it take to verify my listing with Google?

The Google verification time varies depending on the particulars of your business. Google will determine if your business meets their auto verification criteria or if additional verification is required. The auto verification process may take up to 24 hours. If Google requires additional verification for your business, we will present you with the verification methods that Google allows for your business. These verification options may include: a phone call, text, email, or postcard.

How long does it take for my listing updates to appear on Google?

If your business listing is synced and verified with Google, the majority of your listing edits will be immediately accepted and appear on Google Search and Google Maps within minutes. Google may choose to review the updated listing information before publishing it. In this case, Google may take up to three days to complete the review process. If Google does not approve your edit, you will be notified within the Localeze interface and provided guidance on how to proceed. If your business is not linked or verified with Google your listing may not appear in Google search results or Google Maps.

Additional Resources

The Neustar Localeze Help content is available within the Localeze application in the upper right hand corner via the Help link. The Help knowledge base provides resources to help you to effectively manage your business listing across the Neustar Localeze partner network.

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