Common Ninja Comparison Tables

Common Ninja Comparison Tables gives you the ability to create and customize a wide variety of charts comparing between products, services or features and to display them on your website site.

Comparing features between several offers and opportunities is one of the most crucial activities that users do while on the web. A comparison table allows quick and easy comparison between offered features and characteristics.

Make it easier for your customers to make informed decisions with an interactive display that compares products, features, prices, and more.



Views: 300

Tables: 2

Rows per Table: 6


Views: 2,000

Tables: 20

Rows per Table: 10


Views: 100,000

Tables: 100

Rows per Table: 50


Views: 3,000,000

Tables: 1,000

Rows per Table: 250

Resale Pricing Recommendations

Common Ninja Comparison Tables monthly price in the App Store is similar to what Common Ninja offers on their website. It is highly recommended for web professionals and agencies to upcharge their clients for design, customization, content editing, and to include the subscription cost in the monthly fee.


Cell Types
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Custom CSS  
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Premium Skins 
Custom Colors 
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A wide variety of beautiful templates

Select one of the design templates to give your comparison table a stunning look that will make it stand out.

Custom Cell Types

Use custom cells specific to comparison needs. By using cell types such as Rating Stars and Feature Availability, you can create an effective comparison display for your customers. In addition, you can use a Call To Action button in your table to increase conversions.

Easily create interactive comparison tables from any CSV files

An awesome and time-saving feature of the Comparison Tables is the ability to import your CSV file to create beautiful displays. Instead of manually entering the data in, simply import a CSV file every time you make changes, and let the Comparison Tables do the rest.

Endless design options

You can customize an extensive set of options to perfectly match the look and feel of your store. You change the colors of each element, upload images and even add custom CSS.

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