Create a custom interactive calculator for your website without any programming experience. Calconic provides a simple yet powerful tool to create an interactive calculator for site visitors to use. This allows you to provide site visitors with a fully customized experience to run calculations for a wide range of use cases. For example, if a site visitor needs to purchase carpet for a project you can provide them with a calculator that uses the number of square feet then displays the total cost based on your available pricing.

Using Calconic is a great way to engage and convert site visitors who constantly ask questions like how much will this cost, how much do I need to order, what is the ROI, and other similar questions.

What value do interactive calculators provide?

  • Close sales faster by providing instant price quotes on site.

  • Generate more leads by setting expectations about your prices based on quantity/ROI and collect leads through a form.

  • Improve site experience by answering customer pain points, such as helping them count the quantities they need, consult on the best product for their needs, and much more. You don’t need a support team to do that.

  • Increase engagement by educating users about a relevant topic using the calculator as a link magnet.

  • Grow your customer list by letting users download personalized calculations in return for their contact details.

Pricing and Plans



Most Basic

  • 5 active calculators

  • 500 impressions/mo


For Small Businesses

  • 5 active calculators

  • 2,000 impressions/mo

  • Mail Results tool

  • Order Form tool

  • Paypal Payments

  • White-labeled


For Growth

  • 10 active calculators

  • 10,000 impressions/mo

  • Mail Results tool

  • Order Form tool

  • Paypal Payments

  • White-labeled


The Sky's the Limit

  • Unlimited active calculators

  • 50,000 impressions/mo

  • Mail Results tool

  • Order Form tool

  • Paypal Payments

  • White-labeled

Resale Pricing Recommendations

Calconic's integration into Duda has three main price points:

  • $6/mo for Light - this is $6/mo via Calconic directly

  • $15/mo for Regular - this is $17/mo via Calconic directly

  • $50/mo for Bold - this is $55/mo via Calconic directly

This gives you a minimum of $2/mo and $5/mo margin you can upsell to your clients for the Regular and Bold plans. Now, that being said, Calconic enables you to add a lot of additional functionality. If you as an agency are setting up long, advanced, & complex calculations, it’s important that you charge your clients for the extra time you’re putting in.


  • Extensive template library. Get up and running fast by choosing one of the premade templates based on your use case.

  • Drag-and-drop editor. Build and design your calculators using an intuitive editor that enables you to drag-and-drop new components and easily customize the design.

  • Responsiveness. Know that the calculators you’re displaying on your website look and fit perfectly for any device used by site visitors.

  • Price quotation. Allow your visitors to calculate an estimated price quote without needing to contact you first.

  • Collect orders and payments. Allow visitors to submit payment right from the calculator after mapping out their requirements.

  • Mail results. Provide site visitors with an easy way to mail their calculations to themselves for later review.

  • Conditional elements. Conditionally render sub-fields within the calculator based on previous answer choices.

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