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Site Search 360 is a powerful on-site search engine packed into an easily customizable drag-and-drop widget. Mobile-ready and accessibility-conscious, it allows you to unify results from your site, shop, and blog in one easy-to-navigate interface. Dynamic pages are transformed into separate entries, and results are auto-updated to reflect your latest edits whenever the site is re-published.

Your indexed content is automatically structured so your pages, products, and data points (such as price) are presented in clean search snippets. Images, titles, descriptions - all can be adjusted to match your website logic. Widget’s design controls allow the search to effortlessly blend in with your site’s look and feel.

Get your search up and running in minutes (literally):

  • In the side panel, click App Store, and add Site Search 360 to your site.
  • Click Widgets and drag and drop the search bar wherever you see fit. You can integrate it directly into your navigation menu.
  • Make it your own: adjust colors, dimensions, icons, and spacing.
  • Publish your changes and enjoy your new search.

After installing the app, you must publish/republish in order for search results to display.



Free Plan

Go Explore


A free forever plan with:

  • Up to 10 indexed pages
  • Up to 1,000 monthly searches
  • Instant updates on every site republish

  • Monthly recrawls

    3 months of analytics history

    Full dictionary support

  • Complete result control

  • Categories and facets

  • Secure content search

  • FAQ page search

  • Voice search

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Site Search 360 logo

  • Email support


Start investigating

  • Up to 200 indexed pages

  • Up to 5,000 monthly searches

  • Instant updates on every site republish

  • Weekly recrawls

  • 3 months of analytics history

  • All FREE plan features

  • Popular search suggestions

  • PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT file indexing

  • No Site Search 360 logo

  • Email support


Your search: solved

  • Up to 15,000 indexed pages

  • Up to 10,000 monthly searches

  • Instant updates on every site republish

  • Recrawls every 3 days

  • 12 months of analytics history

  • All COLUMBO plan features

  • Filters

  • PDF icon or first page of the doc

  • YouTube video results

  • No Site Search 360 logo

  • Email and dev chat support

Resell Recommendations

  • Recommendation: Add 100% markup

On the Colombo plan within Duda, any branding from SiteSearch360 will be removed (this is different than their direct to consumer plans). Site Search 360 also requires custom setup and is not something your client will be using on a day-to-day basis. There's no reason they should know that Site Search 360 is the tool you use on the site, so there should be little competition in terms of pricing.

PlanRetailDudaDiscountMonthly Profit Potential


Baked-in Site Search 360 smarts include:

  • as-you-type suggestions

  • spell checker

  • popular queries

  • recent searches

  • analytics dashboard

Our search analytics provides valuable insight into your searchers’ interests and behavior. You can use this data to not only improve your search performance, increase clicks and conversions, but also as a source of new topics and ideas for your content marketing.

Dictionary support in 19 languages is enabled by default, but this capability can be expanded with unlimited custom synonyms and hyponym-hypernym pairs.

Query Mapping provides an unprecedented level of control over your user search experience:

  • re-order and pin the best results,

  • remove unwanted entries,

  • create custom results and promotional banners,

  • redirect customers to dedicated pages in response to important search terms.

The following file formats can be indexed and returned in search results:

  • HTML pages

  • PDF




  • ODT

  • FAQ pages (to show every Q&A as separate entries)

  • YouTube videos

Site Search 360’s crawler can also index secure, password-protected content once you enable our custom login screen settings.

Search interface, as well as widget controls, are auto-translated and available in English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, French, and Dutch. The same languages are offered within our voice search feature that is easily activated by the toggle switch.

Common Questions

How does indexing work?

For your site content to be searchable, it has to be indexed by the Site Search 360 crawler first. By default, the crawler indexes all pages listed in your sitemap. Pages with the No Index toggle enabled in SEO settings do not appear in your sitemap so they aren’t returned in search results either. Every page on your site, as well as dynamic pages, documents, and videos are counted towards your plan’s page limit.

What happens when I reach my indexed page limit?

Site Search 360 visits your sitemap and takes the first X number of URLs allowed in your plan. Pages exceeding the limit won’t be displayed in your search results. You can check how many URLs are indexed on the app’s Dashboard.

Can I remove specific pages and products from search?

Yes, it is possible to completely ignore specific URLs even if they don’t have a No Index tag. For example, you might want to hide your category and collection pages so that only final product pages come up in search. Adding blacklist URL patterns indicates that these pages should be skipped from indexing. Blacklisted URLs aren’t counted towards the indexed page limit.

What happens when I use up my monthly search volume?

The search will no longer display any results and you’ll need to upgrade your plan to restore the search functionality on your site. You will be notified by email twice, when your searches reach 80% and 100%, so you aren’t taken by surprise.

How can I make the search work on mobile?

Go to your site editing mode and switch to the mobile/tablet view. Now drag and drop the Site Search 360 widget into your mobile menu. Here you can once again customize your search bar placeholder, dimensions, colors, etc. The search result layer is fully responsive out of the box.

Site Search 360’s searches throughout your site content... answer queries that the built-in product search can’t process:

Voice-search-ready and optimized for mobile devices out of the box:

Search result layover showing tabs, price data points, and spell checker in action

Recent searches and search widget styling (placeholder, voice search, dimensions, colors):

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