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Mega Menu provides a robust solution for building, designing, and elevating your site navigation. The integration offers an easy-to-use interface with various components and options to provide a unique navigation experience to your site visitors. Providing site visitors with a well-designed site navigation will entice them to interact with your site and visit more pages.


Mega Menu is only available through the App Store and is free.

Resale Pricing Recommendations

Mega Menu is only available through the App Store. We recommend that web professionals and agencies upcharge clients for design, customization, and content editing, in their monthly fee.


User-Friendly Layout Builder

The components provided by Mega Menu are easily configurable and customizable. With a live preview, you can visualize your menu in real-time as you build it out. You can also effortlessly rearrange the menu items by dragging them to the correct spot.

Mix and Match Components

You can mix and match different components in your menu to make it more appealing to your site visitors. In addition, there are various components to add, from simple text fields to showcasing videos.

Flexible Design and Layout Options

Mega Menu offers vertical and horizontal orientation of your menu components. It also provides versatile design options. For example, you can add a background image to your navigation.

Desktop and Tablet Responsiveness

Whether Mega Menu is displayed on a 27-inch screen or a 10-inch tablet, it will adapt to the available screen real estate to provide site visitors with a fully responsive navigation experience.

Common Questions

What is a Mega Menu?

A Mega Menu is a type of navigation to organize and optimize a long list of menu items to present to site visitors.

What is the difference between Mega Menu and traditional navigation?

The traditional navigation only shows text fields and sub menus are listed vertically without the option to group sub items. With Mega Menu, you can group your menu items and add additional components like videos, images, and social media icons.

What components are available in Mega Menu?

You can mix and match components when building your Mega Menu. There are the traditional components: text, buttons, icons, images, and videos. There are also more functional components like contact information and social media icons.

Can I use a relative and external link?

Yes, you can use both relative and external links. When using a relative link (e.g., /home), Mega Menu will automatically assume that you’re using a relative link and prepend the site domain. When using an external link (e.g.,, Mega Menu will notice and omit prepending the site domain.

Does Mega Menu support mobile devices?

Unfortunately, no. Mega Menu is too complex to display on mobile devices. So instead, you will need to use the traditional menu on the mobile site.

How responsive is Mega Menu?

It’s responsive on both computer screens and tablets of various sizes.

Can I request a custom feature?

Yes, you can. Please submit your feedback via the Contact Us tab within the app.

How can we submit bugs?

You can email us at If you're already an app owner you can either submit your feedback via the Contact Us tab in the app or chat with us directly on Facebook Messenger.

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