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Eradicate barriers to digital accessibility with AudioEye.

Globally, upwards of 15% of us humans have some form of disability. Accessible websites allow you to reach more site visitors. Accessibility improves SEO, reduces risk of lawsuits, and, ensuring full unimpeded access for everyone, regardless of their abilities, is the right thing to do.

Trusted by some of the largest and most influential businesses and organizations in the world, AudioEye provides an always-on testing, remediation, and monitoring solution that continually improves conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Complete with a dedicated web accessibility help desk and engagement tools supplied free for site visitors from an accessibility toolbar, AudioEye offers sustainable and cost-effective solutions for maintaining website accessibility and usability for individuals with disabilities.

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AudioEye has built custom plans specifically to work with the Duda platform. Because AudioEye has deep experience with Duda and knows how to fix accessibility problems, they can offer a lower price and a high level of service.

PlanPriceRecommended Client Price


Automated Global Remediation: AudioEye’s machine-learning automation continuously identifies and fixes common issues of accessibility.includedincludedincluded
Platform Testing & Remediation: ongoing platform-level testing, which continuously reveals new errors. AudioEye engineers then create and implement platform-wide, universal fixes, which benefits every customer on the platform.includedincludedincluded
Monitoring: Weekly monitoring that identifies any new WCAG errors.includedincludedincluded
Accessibility Toolbar: Select engagement tools that allow end-users to customize their user experience. Positioning of the toolbar is customizable.includedincludedincluded
Accessibility Statement: Standardized accessibility messaging AudioEye customers may utilize on their site. Messaging informs site visitors of the digital inclusion efforts underway.Accessibility Commitment StatementAudioEye Trusted CertificationAudioEye Trusted Certification
Help Desk: Accessible web form allowing site visitors to report accessibility related issues that are processed by AudioEye accessibility subject matter experts.includedincludedincluded
Training (On-Demand Webinar Archive): Unlimited access to recorded accessibility training seminars covering various topics to encourage digital accessibility best practices and universal design thinkingincludedincludedincluded
Manual Assistive Technology Testing: Manual testing conducted by Assistive Technology (AT) testers. includedincluded
Site Remediation: Automated and manual test results provide feedback for AudioEye engineers to develop custom, site-specific fixes.  includedincluded
Training Quarterly Live Webinars: quarterly accessibility training seminars covering various topics to encourage digital accessibility best practices and universal design thinking. includedincluded
Sustainable Testing & Remediation (STAR) Plan: AudioEye provides official accessibility auditor documentation to assist you in fielding and addressing accessibility complaints includedincluded
Accessibility Warranty: Through an unappealable judgement, entities found guilty of non-compliance with ADA Title III obligations pertaining to Website Accessibility are refunded paid dues (not to exceed $1,000). Conditions Apply (  included

Common Questions

How do I add the AudioEye toolbar to my site?

To make the toolbar available on your site, publish or republish the site. After that, the changes you make to the toolbar position do not require republishing.

I changed the position of the toolbar, but nothing happened. What should I do?

Changing the toolbar location may take up to 30 minutes to be visible on your site.

Why does the toolbar not display on mobile?

Most mobile devices (Android & iOS) have very good built in accessibility tools that help users with disabilities use the website more easily. These tools are built into the operating system and do a better job than the toolbar would at helping anyone with a disability use the site. This is why the toolbar is disabled and not displaying. Note that accessibility fixes implemented by AudioEye are still applied and active—it is just that no toolbar button loads.

What is the difference between Managed and Pro?

AudioEye Managed offers a fully managed accessibility solution, which includes manual testing and ongoing maintenance and monitoring at the site level. Managed also includes the AudioEye Trusted Certification.

Pro includes platform-specific remediations and platform-level manual testing only.

What are the benefits of AudioEye Pro?

AudioEye Pro provides always-on remediation technology that identifies and fixes many common WCAG errors, informed by platform-level testing conducted by AudioEye. Additionally, 24/7 help desk and engagement tools are provided to allow site visitors to enhance their user experience, while also improving the WCAG conformance of the site.

What are the benefits of AudioEye Managed?

AudioEye Managed delivers end-to-end accessibility testing, remediation, and monitoring support. It is the most comprehensive, most sustainable solution on the market today. With Managed, the full suite of engagement tools are made available from the Accessibility Toolbar, which also includes a Certification Statement. AudioEye's Accessibility Warranty guarantees compliance or your money back (restrictions apply).

Will AudioEye certify the web accessibility compliance of my site?

AudioEye certifies accessibility for Managed customers. Within the Accessibility Toolbar for Managed customers, an AudioEye Trusted Certification statement details the steps being taken to fulfill and sustain a thorough testing and remediation plan. Learn more about the AudioEye Trusted Certification.

What is the AudioEye Trusted Certification?

The AudioEye Certification is for AudioEye Managed customers and details and validates the business or organization’s commitment to digital inclusion and, in pursuit of achieving optimal accessibility and usability, the extent to which they conform to the principles of inclusive design, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and other ADA-related laws, mandates, and guidelines.

The AudioEye Trusted Certification provides web publishers with a consistent stamp of approval from a reliable, third-party accessibility authority. Learn more about the AudioEye Trusted Certification.

When an end-user encounters the AudioEye Trusted Certification Badge, they can rest assured that the business or organization they are interacting with has:

  • Made a sincere commitment to ensure the highest level of access and usability for all end-users, regardless of their individual abilities;
  • Strived, and continues to strive to, adhere to inclusive design principles and achieve and maintain substantial conformance with AudioEye’s interpretation of the informative guidance supplied through the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG);
  • Supplied end-users with access to a 24-7 Help Desk that allows them to report issues to, and receive feedback from, accessibility professionals versed in the types of issues and access barriers that may impede or limit their access; and
  • Provided free cloud-based engagement tools that emulate several different assistive utilities and allow end-users to customize the user experience to meet their individual preferences.

Additional Resources

To learn more about AudioEye Pro and AudioEye Managed, please visit:

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